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Furious, the Emperor tortures Luke with Force lightning. As the battle between the Imperial and Alliance fleets continues, the strike team defeats the Imperial forces and destroys the shield generator, allowing the rebel fleet to launch their assault on the Death Star.

Luke returns to Endor and cremates Anakin's body on a.

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Volcanic eruption when applicable. Get an instant overview of the airport delay situation around the world or in a local region. As Luke escapes on a shuttle with his father's body, the Falcon flies out of the Death Star's superstructure as the station explodes.

Navigational waypoints and airways for high and low altitude flight overlayed on map.

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Global Radar provides worldwide areas of intense precipitation on the map, refreshed every 30 minutes. Global IR Satellite provides worldwide cloud cover displayed on the map, refreshed every 60 minutes.

Current weather for 3, airports in the world overlayed on map. See where it is day and night on the map at a glance.

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Jedi as his father had been. As the rebels celebrate their victory over the Empire, Luke smiles as he sees the spirits of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin watching over them. On Endor, Leia reveals to Han that Luke is her brother, and they kiss.

Forecasted areas of high level significant weather, available for up to a hour period in six hour increments Recorded lightning strikes shown on the map, updated every 15 minutes. Wind speed and direction on the map, in 1, ft increments, refreshed 12 times a day.

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Various oceanic tracks, including North Atlantic Tracks overlayed on map. Boundaries of volcanic eruptions and ash clouds impacting aviation. At his last request, Luke removes the redeemed Anakin's mask before he dies peacefully in Luke's arms.

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Unwilling to let his son die, Vader throws the Emperor down a reactor chute to his death, but Vader is mortally electrocuted in the process. At-a-glance altitude and speed information when you hover over any portion of a selected flight's track.

Lando leads a group of rebel ships into the Death Star's core and destroys the main reactor.