: Ice dance team-mates Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir : Ice dance team-mates Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

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Are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dating?

Ice dancer Aaron Lowe, who co-directs the Vancouver Ice Dance Academy along with partner Megan Wing, said what proves motivational to junior skaters can feel intimidating to those at a more senior level.

Replying the question was Scott who said: We take so much pride in that. Canada won the gold medal in that event. They might fall in love and their fans are dying to see them together forever. Jeff Semple has more. It was romantic in the beginning Well, who knows what happens next.

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Scotts was quoted saying that the dancing duo dated for 8 months when Scott was 10 and Tessa was 8. Are Tessa and Scott together? What we have is such a cool relationship.

That prestige is expected to grow after the dazzling competition that vaulted the pair into the history books on Tuesday.

Virtue, Moir win second ice dance gold with world record

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue thank Canadians for supporting their gold medal dreams Inwhen Virtue and Moir announced that they were coming out of their two-year retirement and preparing to take the ice once again, Lowe said Canada saw eight senior pairs leave the upper echelon of the ice-dancing circuit.

If that's the by-product of having a great longstanding partnership, then we can deal with it. Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir win Olympic ice dancing gold But over the last few years, many taking to the sport have cited the Ontario pair as motivation, crediting Virtue and Moir for injecting new energy into the discipline.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have made ice dancing history, after posting the highest ever score to claim a gold medal at the Pyeongchang Games — the third Olympic gold medal of their careers.

Their fans are making many speculations about them dating in real life.

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Apart from garnering accolades for their performance, the dancing duo is making headlines for their chemistry in personal life. Soon Tessa joined Scott and added: We're always telling stories; we're supposed to be reacting, a man and woman on the ice; it's romantic. The lifts, the spins, the requirements are so much more than they used to be 10 or 15 years ago.

Maybe that means we're doing our job? While many of those departures involved partner changes, life circumstances or factors unrelated to Virtue and Moir, Lowe said he suspects the re-emergence of ice-dancing luminaries may have figured into some decisions.

While the success of the program can never be attributed solely to any one performer or pair, Weeks said Virtue and Moir have had an impact. Well, the duo has been skating together for two decades.

Are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Dating or Married? (Ice Dancers)

It's more about a friendship; our working relationship is so strong. BuzzFeed Yes, of course, they have been giving an electric performance on stage and seems like their chemistry along with their moves can set the ice on fire. After founding the ice dance program at the Calalta club inWeeks said she has watched it steadily grow over almost a decade.