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Each year, we offer Appaloosa and Sportaloosa foals for sale by our own stallions as well as a select few by elite and world renown Warmblood stallions, some bred by frozen semen from some of Germany's most outstanding Warmblood breeding programmes.


Cut to Randall Bragg Jeremy Find rich men dating sitesthe largest area rancher outside the town of Appaloosa, who with his men terrorize the town and implement their own rules.

In the fall foals are weaned and sold and our last shows come to an end with the arrival of the frost. Everett is obviously surprised and mildly upset that his friend hadn't told him, but congratulates them and says nothing.

When the men tell her that they're not scared because it's part of the job, she replies that she's always scared that she'll lose everything and have nothing. Now comes the round the clock guarding of Bragg, who unfortunately has a cell right next to Joe and makes some threats that shake the younger man up.

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Breakfast is interrupted when Joe Whitfield comes in and says that he saw the killings and will testify. Over one hundred head of the most outstanding Real Appaloosas anywhere graze the approximate acres of spectacular rolling terrain of the B. People know it's Cool to ride a Cayuse!

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He buys and refinishes the hotel. When they're hired to be lawmen for towns that seem to have too many bad guys. Enter Allison French Renee Zellwegerfresh off a train with only a dollar to her name.

Renowned for their intelligence, agility, versatility, stamina and smarts! Both Everett and Virgil are wounded, but not fatally.

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Experienced riders or those who wish to learn? He tries to make peace with Virgil, but the man will have none of it and Bragg's actions make it clear that the town fathers are in his pocket, Virgil's days as the Marshal are numbered. She doesn't look happy about it, but she does it.

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Everett has watched Allie go upstairs to Bragg's room at the hotel, obviously she had sensed the power change. Virgil and Everett have a talk, with Everett saying that there isn't really work in Appaloosa for a guy like him.

Virgil beats the man so badly Everett has to stop him. Virgil is frustrated at losing his prisoner, and goes after them on foot while Everett goes back to town via the train to get horses. They come to a small town where the two brothers and Virgil decide to have their showdown.

Breeding World Class Appaloosas for Conformation and Temperament.

When Virgil asks Everett if he thinks that she'd sleep around again, Everett replies that "Allie needs a man. The Marshal, Bragg, and the Shelton brothers get the drop on them, making it four on two. He says he's leaving.

The foals are weaned near the end of October first snow that stays and are fed good quality alfalfa hay unirrigated and whole oats.

Our registered appaloosa foals have the looks and minds to compete in halter and performance events.

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Our appaloosa foals will excel in halter, performance events, on mountain trails, working cattle, and as contributors to other excellent appaloosa breeding programs.

They are turned out in the spring with an old retired gelding in bush pasture to learn coordination skills and develop muscle while they play and grow. The next day Everett gives a necklace to the Hispanic girl and tells her the name of the one man who he had killed without being a lawman, sounding disappointed at himself about it.

Because of the research and record keeping policies of the B. Some time later, Bragg arrives in town dressed like a gentleman, wearing a fine suit, announcing that he has reformed. As they walk over to the stockyards to have it out with the Shelton brothers, Virgil and Everett find out the town Marshal they entrusted with Bragg is a cousin of the Sheltons.

Allie comes in, obviously scared. Virgil knows them but unlike him, they go out for hire for legal and illegal purposes. They have the temperament for all the family and with their good looks are show horses deluxe.

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As Virgil and Everett rest before their shoot out, Everett makes a note that Allie's not a loose woman, she just wants to be 'the woman' of the stallion of the herd. We look forward to helping you reach your equine goals. Allie, obviously stung, asks him to leave.

They cross examine him and make sure the kid is up for the task and when it appears that he is, head out to get Bragg. When Virgil and Everett are on guard duty, Allie comes up and sits between them, saying how scared she was and how it was a mistake.

When spring arrives, the foaling barn is bustling as we welcome our newest champions.

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Focus with results Using diligently selected breeding stock that trace to the original registered Appaloosas that were not part of the draft cross program promoted by the US Government after the Nez Perce surrender the B.

He takes his horses and rides to the hotel, going into the bar and laying down his badge and a gun to the barman, saying that it's for Bragg.

Allie runs to Virgil's side, fearful that he may be dying. Virgil and Everett wander on over and tell them that they need to stop, or head to jail. Both men seem to want to court her, but Everett gives way to Virgil, who seems smitten.

He is of course Black and White - so was the TV in those days! We are a modern, appaloosa breeding farm, and nursery.

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Count on a Cayuse Appaloosa to have eye catching, balanced, uphill conformation and to have the bloodlines that work. They then see some riders on top of a hill that overlooks Appaloosa and decide to go and investigate. The current sheriff and two deputies come to his ranch to arrest two of Bragg's men who murdered a man and his wife, but Bragg takes matters into his own hands and kills all three of them with a young ranch hand Joe Whitfield played by Gabriel Marantz watching on in horror.