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I feel like of all the young folks, Jade and Noah get the least amount of meaty dialogue to chew on. Why is Hannah dating Jake Ryan?

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This commercial featured the last years of the brand and its impact in the people through memories. How old do you have to be to date Jake t Austin?

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Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Would you like to merge this question into it? Just like with the Ameera storyline and the NYC storyline and the Army storyline, the writers never allowed us to get inside Noah's head to see what he was thinking, what his motivations were.

Inhe co-wrote a short film called "Consciousness" with his good friend Nathan Crooker, who directed his first short film "Stuffer".

Jake Silbermann

Who is dating jolene van vugt? Is jake silbermann a gay? But the writers never went anywhere with it. And Jake had to try to communicate volumes of emotions and motive and perspective with bascially just body language and a few well chosen responses to Luke's screaming at him.

He plays a gay character so jake silbermann dating that many people think that he is gay in real life. He never got to talk to any other character about his motives for dating Maddie or his feelings about her or Luke or his history with being gay or his history with his father.


Silbermann was committed to make a full-length film about homophobia in the South by Samuel Brett Williams, "The Revival," based on the Off-Broadway production.

The scene where Luke comes out to Noah was fabulous. Before that, and after that, there have been no pictures.

Everyone says Jake is a bad actor or has been a bad actor like it's a fact.

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Silbermann produced and wrote the script for Stuffera short film that was shown at 22 film festivals throughout America and won 5 awards. Perhaps, but I suppose you would have to be similar to his age. He plays a gay character Noah Mayer on the daytime soap opera As the World turns.

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Is Jake Silbermann marry? I personally seen them together and kissing so I know this for a fact. Commercials and modeling[ edit ] Jake Silbermann made his debut on a television commercial for Gillette in the "Gillette Fusion Power" commercial that was featured internationally.

Jake Silbermann's pendulous dong

That pond scene was fabulous. I don't think any one HAS to like Jake's acting but I really feel he's gotten a bum wrap and undeserved criticism because folks had such different expectations of what Luke's first boyfriend would be like.

If he is with Jezzika, why did he go to Hawaii with Brittany? Jezzika can deny it all she wants but I seen the proof!

Van And Jake Dating

I just think that the kind of character Noah is meant to be isn't very exciting to watch despite how well it may or may not be acted If you ask half the folks why they think Jake is a bad actor they will site stuff they don't like about NOAH and sometimes stuff that never happened on the show Noah is supposed to be stilted and reserved and akward and unsure of himself and I think that's how Jake has always played him and as the circumstances in Noah's live have changed and he's loosened up and grown more confident, that's how Jake has played him.

On April 29,he appeared on an episode of The Good Wife"Affairs of State" as Jared Buck, a college wrestler whose ex-girlfriend has been raped.

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Van Vicker is an actor who as of is currently married and notdating. Will Jake TAustin date an English model? I think he's very talented, just understated. With a name like Silbermann it's kind of hard not to be Jewish!

The last day of shooting was in DecemberJake was involved during the whole process even thought he is no longer part of the cast and neither is the Camisade Theatre Company.

Jake Silbermann

It wasn't until Noah slept with Maddie and people got frustrated with the "character" that all this "Jake is a sucky actor" stuff started. Jake Silbermann is straight all the way thru. Currently he is supposedly dating "Rendition" co-star, Reese Witherspoon, but that is also not confirmed.

Who has Jake T Austin dated?