DWR Presents: The Genius of John Kostick on Vimeo DWR Presents: The Genius of John Kostick on Vimeo

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Both options are available on ArtofPlay. First up is the 3 Layer Tetraxis array.

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Pick up some, and you will surely not be disappointed. The borderless back design and colorful shapes help to produce stunningly vibrant fans.

Spitfire is the third edition, and it features a vibrant three color back with custom faces. Browse our curation of the finest and most limited uncuts.

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The goal for this puzzle is to use either set of 12 sticks to hold the 8 blocks in place at the corners of a cube and then to add the other set of sticks to make a large chamfered cube, which is the shape of the small white block that can fit in the center of the arrangement.

This makes the deck perfect for Cardistry, yet it is also ideal for casual love rollercoaster dating with bipolar disorder. Matchbox Puzzles come john kostick bronze stars dating a randomly picked, 3 pack set, or get the entire 15 puzzle set!

Tetraxis, outer later removed. Also it's worth noting that all of the first three solutions can be made at the same time. It takes only minutes, and this actually allows for one to observe the clever engineering of the Tiny Arcade. Available now on ArtofPlay. It's a clever arrangement, and really needs to be played with to be appreciated.

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Jane's top quality finish on the pieces is clear and the fit is excellent. Overall, Jane's work is incredible, and really the photos don't do it justice. For some reason my photos of the remaining two puzzles didn't turn out very well, so I'm having to use the competition photos from John Rausch's site.

It may look fairly simple, but it's not as easy as it looks. The goal of the puzzle is to make a pair of complementary arrangements such that each one contains blocks and 12 sticks symmetrically surrounding a center. Assembling the included electronics is fun. It turns out that the IPP committee had arranged for Jane to make a very special little puzzle for each of the people who helped run and organise the events over the weekend.

Using the 12 blocks and the 12 mid-length sticks 3. In total there are 24 sticks, 12 long and 12 short which need to be combined to make the shape above.

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The outer 'layer' removed showing the inner structure. If you look closely, you can see the three sticks in each plane. The tuck-case features rich embossing and metallic accents. The cards are available at Art of Play in several versions. Rather than the sticks crossing through the centre of the structure, here they form the outer shell.

3 layer Tetraxis array

Thanks Allard for the correct size Made from a number of exotic woods including Wenge, Maple, and at a guess Bubinga and Spalted Apple, the puzzle looks stunning. Kostick's 3 Layer Tetraxis array on a bronze star 3 layer Tetraxis array This is the largest of the three structures, measuring 4.

None were overly difficult, however each creates a stunning structure which would look great in any display.

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Brian with his Kostick puzzle as thanks for helping Brian Pletcher was one of the people helping out and was given one of these beautiful little puzzles. These are extremely rare and a great collectors item.

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Tetraxis Both parts of the inner core assembled separately. Every puzzle has been carefully selected to provide a variety of fun and slight challenge.

Around the same size as the Chamfered Cube, this is another stunning looking puzzle. It has the initial appearance that it's much harder than it looks which may have put some people off, but it's so much fun to play with that you're really missing out if you don't.