Nana & Hong Jong Hyun rumored to be dating; Pledis & WGM deny – Asian Junkie Nana & Hong Jong Hyun rumored to be dating; Pledis & WGM deny – Asian Junkie

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He has trained harmonization for 3 years. Even when he was a trainee, instead of going to class, he would head over to the SM building and practice all day.

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Several Korean celebrities wrote farewell letters to Jong-hyun too. Jong-hyun's sister, Kim Sodam, made an initial call to emergency responders at Before he became a trainee, he used to be the bassist in his own High School band.

Hong Jong-hyun

He has been praised by well known and respected artists like Wheesung, 4men, Jung Yeop, Baek Ji Young and many others.

The evidence surrounding his death remained circumstantial, as evidence related to the ruling of possible suicide heavily relied on text messages sent to his sister, alongside the letter released by his friend. Jjong is 1 in skinship and has an S-line body along with a sexy mole on his chest!

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The word "embarrassing" comes to him when he dances to girl group songs unlike diva Key. Jong-hyun was pronounced dead at the hospital at His body was buried in a private resting place.

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Edit According to police, Jong-hyun was found unconscious in his home on December 18, at around When he does become close to someone, he holds onto them very dearly. Although he may not look it, our puppy Jjong is a romanticist and a very emotional one at that.

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Kim received several text messages from her brother, such as "last goodbye". A letter written by Jonghyun, explaining his reason for suicide was released by his friend, with the permission of his family.

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He had a three day funeral, where his chief mourners were his fellow SHINee members, who also carried his casket, along with some of the members of Super Junior.

Dubu leader once mentioned that when Bling starts crying, he cries the whole day, remembering one emotional event after another.

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Casting System Jonghyun was first discovered in by an SM Entertainment recruiter while performing at an outside venue with his High School band mates. A "dino" who can play the bass, guitar, piano and is able to reach 4 octaves!

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After Jong-hyun's unconscious body was found, he was rushed to Konkuk University hospital, and given emergency CPR, but he failed to regain consciousness.

Love him for who he is and you'll find him the most lovable dino on Earth!

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Jong-hyun's body was visited by many people at the hospital, including his friends and family and over fans. A banana smoothie date is essential for this dino or he will suffer from "Onew sangtae".

As Jonghyun once said, "I sing with my soul".