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Was this the first project fluorine dating definition nsa you worked on, and did this record open doors for you and allow you to collaborate with other artists?

We keep writing songs and at the moment we are thinking a lot about our second album.

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It's hard to say what those artists have in common, I tend to love such a wide range of music. Yukimi Nagano Interview by Marc Kets Hailing from the musical hotbed of Gotenburg, Yukimi Nagano originally came to prominence via her much lauded collaboration with Koop at the turn of the century.

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She has gone on to work with people such as Hird, Swell Session and Sleepwalker amongst others, rapidly building a fan base that is instantly captured by her soft, angelic voice and her poignant lyrics. Out of contemporary new artist I think the knife is a favourite.

I've been very influenced by my Dad and his fighting spirit. For the future we would like to make many albums and tour as much as possible.

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I'm not sure how they had gotten hold of the music but they asked me about the band and thereafter our manager contacted them. I think what I miss the most about New York is going to galleries.

My boyfriend at the time was living there.

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Me and Erik the drummer in Little Dragon both accompany him live so we get to travel a great deal. The first record I ever recorded was with Andreas Saag, I was about 18 and it was shortly after that the Koop guys contacted me to feature on their album.

Have you got any idea where the project is going? The buzz on the record is quite big with everyone getting very excited about it from all quarters of the press.

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Does it make it easier working with people that you have grown up with? You've described Little Dragon as 'reminding you that when you're really creating music, it's like building a ship that will travel in a direction previously inconceivable', which is quite a philosophical approach to making music.

Do you have interests outside of music?

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It could be because it's relatively cheap to live here. What sort of values did your parents try to impart upon you from their own cultures? Little Dragon will be touring across Europe during October and November.

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You've mentioned in the past that your influences range from Prince to Kraftwerk to Chaka Khan to John Coltrane, which is quite a broad range to draw from for any artist. Was this made before the deal with Peacefrog, and how did Little Dragon get signed to the label?

I think growing up with her in a creative environment made me feel very free and always encouraged me to be a musician. And this band is all I think about. How do you go about writing a song? I share a studio with the band so whenever we aren't on tour we go there and hang out and make music.

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We have been friends a very long time now, always playing and making music together. I had loved the song from the first time I heard it, so the writing bit was quite easy but the title was written by Christoffer actually. What sort of an influence has your mother had on the way that you sing? Chrisstoffer and Andreas were good friends of mine and since we had music in common we would help each other out.

I met Pete and Phil from Peacefrog in a bus on tour with Jose. Most of the songs are quite old which explains why we are thinking about our second album.

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Young people don't have to hustle to survive, they can easily work a couple of days a week at some cafe and spend the rest of their time making music or rehearsing with a band.

I used to listen to him in junior high. You were living in Williamsburg at one point, what drew you to the area and what do you like about New York in general?

Its become important not to feel like we are in a box with a certain genre and style to live up to so we try to stay open. Prince is nostalgic for me. What are your hopes for the record and have you got any touring dates lined up as well as any plans for the future of Little Dragon? Now moving onto your new project, Little Dragon, what can you tell us about the project and how did it come about?

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I think it will feel more defined for us. What is it about Gotenburg, and Sweden in general, that has made it such a current fertile ground for music?

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And what is it like working with someone like Jose?