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He had always loved his native city of Hamburg, which with its environs provided him witb-a wealth of subject matter.

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In Aprilhe was made minister president of Prussia. The Nuremberg Trials started on 20 November Here he continued his practice as an able portrait painter and also began choosing subjects from peasant life, domestic and farm animals.

Inhe became the leader of the 27th Flying Group. On occasion his son Hugo Wilbelm accompanied him. Due to domestic circumstances at home, in Kauffmann moved back to Hamburg. This means that he was not the head of a ministry.

After this, he went to Austria.

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Because of this, he was awarded the Iron Cross First Class in Many works from this period contain large figure groups such as "Bear Dance in the Village' ofHamburg Kunsthalle. Because of pain, a doctor injected him with morphine but he became dependent on it.

He made his debut in when he showed five works at the Hamburg Arts Society. In turn his own son Hermann Kauffmann the younger b. Then, on 30 Augusthe was made a General by Paul von Hindenburg.

Personal history

Because of this on 1 October the court reached a verdict that he was to be hanged. Typical of his early style, they are worked in fresh colours and are full of descriptive imagery and poetic emotion.

A large karl hermann kauffmann predigten online dating of bis works can be found among public collections, including 22 works at the Hamburg Kunsthalle and 12 at the National Gallery of Berlin.

During fifty years of an outstanding career he produced a large number of landscapes, rural and genre works as well as portraits, which can now be found among many private collections.

Hermann Kauffmann (German, - ) - The Athenaeum

Inbecause of his rheumatismhe had to go to a hospital. The judges decided he was guilty.

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On 14 Marchhe shot down his first bomber. Hermann Kauffmann's scenes of rural life are now very much in vogue but toward the end of his career his descriptive, narrative form of landscape and genre painting was no longer at the height of fashion.

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One day before he was to be hanged, he committed suicide by taking a tablet of cyanide. His wife had died inand in he married Emmy Sonnemann in Berlin. This was the highest airforce award in Germany. The latter specialised as an animal and genre painter.

He got his Abiturand an officer exam, in Hermann Kauffmann the elder 'Winter Landscape" Oil on canvas, signed and inscribed Hamburg 53 x 79 cm. He was the third-highest-ranking Nazi official tried at Nuremberg.

His colours became almost monochromatic and bis compositions included fewer figures as evident in the present work as well as Timber Cart in the Snow' ofHamburg Kunsthalle.

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Toward the end of his career be painted fewer full-scale oils in favour of small vivid watercolour studies from nature. By the 's Kauffmann's style bad become looser and more atmospheric. He began his training in Hamburgin the studio of the history and portrait painter Gerdt Hardorff' the elderwhere he copied plaster models and with Georg Haeselich made his own studies from nature.

Werner Karl Hermann Kaufmann

He told Hitler that he had important things to do in south Germany. Hermann's mother had an affair a romantic relationship with someone other than her husband with von Epenstein. Through an association with a fellow artist, Johann Adam KleinKauffmann was encouraged to go to Munich. During the course of his career he also exhibited elsewhere in Hamburg, in Berlin, Hanover, and Munich.

He also travelled to the Black forest in I and went on painting expeditions to the Upper Bavarian Highlands.

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Arriving in he joined a circle of landscape painters that included Georg Haeselich, Jakob Gensler and Franz Heesche who with Christian Morgenstrn were working enplein air.

Namibiain In he toured Norway, where he made a series of landscape studies described with great sincerity and freshness of style. After the Kristallnacht inhe was in charge of removing Jewish businessmen from the German economic system.

He wrote this down in his testament. In the games he played as a child, the story was always about war. He served in the infantry. In Francehe flew as an observer, a person who looked for targets and enemy planes.