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SS released their self-titled debut album "SS" on June 23, Three beautiful ladies portraying different characters as leading ladies for Hyun Joong portray different characters too.

So he wants woman to understand that kind of thing about him. Well, maybe because we are becoming so close to Hyun Joong as fans that the strong connection has been built between him and his fans. But his father suspected her pregnancy and he is supposed to object their marriage.

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Choi became pregnancy, he once intended to get married to her. She said that she has no intention to get married with him and she will grow up her child alone. I just have to run my work is waiting…aigoo!! He almost did not notice his fans before getting in to the custom and immigration as he was again catching his flight, but still manage to turn around to them and waved to them.

The rumors have existed since the two appeared on "Barefooted Friends" together and fans commented on their behavior.

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I do hope you can find time to vote since there shall be an Award Ceremony on the 16th of August and the polls shall end on the 12th of August. Kim Hyun-Joong was at first reluctant to take on the role of Yoon Ji-Hoo due to fear of ruining his musical jehovahs witnesses dating bs20 bristol somerset. He joined the military on May 12, as a border patrol.

On Septembershe had a baby and after three months DNA test was carried out. After making a complete recovery, Kim Hyun-Joong was finally able to return to South Koorea one week later.

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But her lie about her previous miscarriage was revealed on June,so he filed a suit against her. And also she said that she has no will to get married with kim hyun joong and yamapi dating after his military service. There shall be a press conference tomorrow at Atrium Zone 2 1st floor tomorrow July Fans also commented that when Uee's mom was on the show and had to choose the ideal guy for her daughter, the only candidate that seemed totally relaxed was Kim Hyun joong.

Romantic scenes are expected and knowing how Korean dramas can be so discreet in scenes like such, it should alright.

She still claims damages and their battle is continuing now. After the filming at past 1am, he was spotted probably stretching his arms. Often, during this time, he wound up at the police station for fighting.

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Base on what I have been seeing lately, somehow gave me the impression that this drama may have a lot of hilarious scenes. She has confessed to dating in the past but nothing is known about whom she dated. On how to vote, simply sign in to Mnet and click on Kim Hyun Joong, under his photo that says Tracking, click on that.

Kim Hyun-Joong went out and bought all 37 episodes of the original manga "Hana yori Dango".

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For me, Kim Hyun Joong has only one type of love who stays as ever, and this is his real family and from his Alien Family he created in us his fans. Fans noticed that they mostly sat or stood next to each other and seemed very friendly.

He confessed that he had feelings for her during the filming but that it never developed into a relationship.

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He started working part-time since the 2nd year of middle school and, because of this, his school grades suffered. He did mention that they went to the movies together and once went on a fishing trip.

Uee was rumored to be dating her "Ojakgyo Brothers" co-star Joo Won. His family consists of his parents and one older brother. As the photo of Hyun Joong with Jung Yumi and the honeymoon set was posted, many fans at the twitter were jokingly jealous over the honeymoon scene!!

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He likes teasing despite his appearance. They were quite popular in his local neighborhood of Songpa-gu in Seoul. She once said that true love had not found her yet. Then he thoght that the girl who is older than him is also good.

Girlfriend Kim Hyun-joong has no girlfriend now.

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And also he liked the girl who is younger than him or the same age as him. This is just my personal opinion. But they had a pair of matching rings, watches and caps.

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His contenders here again are Kpop idol groups. But when it did, she was not sure she would go public with her relationship.

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His family is Christian and he has one older brother. Kim Hyun-Joong was then quarantined at a hospital in Japan. Hyun Joong bid goodnight to the staffs and crew, still manage to wave to his fans who were at the location and drove off.

In another update, may I just mention that there is another voting polls currently going on and Hyun Joong is one of the nominees as Mnet Global Kpop Star Championship. He is a member of boyband SS and he is leader and main rapper of that.

How he thinks about marriage He has no plan to get married. He will now focus on touring for his music career in Japan and worldwide and in the 2nd half of will concentrate on a new drama series.

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Who is Kim Hyun joong’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim Hyun joong

But now just reading from the post about the scenes to filmed, I just felt jealous!! The result showed that the baby is definitely his child. She met Hyun Joong last night at Jaksal, read the details of her story that shows how Hyun Joong as a Big star now off cam with his fans.

Hyun Joong is at number five, among the 30 nominees. It was almost as if he knew he would be chosen, they said.