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The inside of the castle was a museum with some artifacts and details about the history. We must have asked for directions a million times but none of them got angry or upset with us. It's a one shot and is complete, too.

The story was pretty silly and some of the dialogue was just awful, but visually it was amazingly fun to watch. As usually, the worst part of my Tokyo trip was returning to Kakegawa…I always wish I could stay longer.

It is a mixed media exhibit featuring photography and video by Gregory Colbert. We were not exactly aware that this was even possible, so thank goodness that Matt Lenning told us to be sure to get on the right one!

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On Sunday I had planed to go to Roppongi to check out Chocolate, a mixed media exhibit that I meant to see the last time I was up in Tokyo. Hmmm… Anyways…now that I have net, I will hopefully update more frequently…no promises though…hehe…muah!!! I managed to stumble out on to the man made beach to catch one of the most breath taking sunsets of my life.

I am having a fabu fabu time. We share the same taste in music beautiful trance as she calls it and thought it would be fun to go clubbing together.

Konnichiwa minna~!

Hiroko and her friends were really cool. One of my favorite parts about going out in Tokyo is taking the 5am train back to my hostel. We ended up getting on the wrong one anyway, but were able to figure out our mistake and run like the wind to the correct train with the help of the sweetest, and tiniest, little Shinkansen stewardesses.

But, please, please, read my fanfiction stories and review!

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Around dusk I noticed that the sunset was turning a beautiful shade of pink so I wandered my way over the western side of the island hoping to get a good view.

Check out the website! Hopefully there will be more opportunities to go out with them in the future. Anyway…yes, I love Japan. I always feel really renewed afterwards. Bleach Naruto And that's it I have met so many interesting people and I enjoying hearing about daily life in Japan.

Anyway, in this fic, Tragedy occurs. All I can say is that the Japanese are the nicest folks I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Didn't really turn out that way, though. They know that you are from America, so they slow down a bit, ennunciate more.

My favorite part of the castle are the golden dolphins on top. Do not pack a bag that is so wide it can barely fit between aisles in a cramped space. There was a cute little pond with a tea house. Im so glad that I made that decision since I had a great time. Even when we were religated to using hand signals and monosyllabic words, they still were patient and wanted nothing more than to help us get where we needed to be.

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Originally, this fic was going to be a fluffy fic. Read to find out! It was build in and definitly has a very Art Deco feel to it.

It was pretty cool.