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They meet a character who introduces herself as Aunt Aksal reverse of Laska, meaning kindness - Ssendnikone of the King's cooks, who in order to help them reach the king and save Gurd, disguises them as pages of the king.

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He is a man on a mission. The characters are exact opposites: Elsewhere, Uhtred still feels the loss of Iseult and, fearful that they are straying from their journey north, Hild takes matters into her own hands to advance their quest.

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Where Yalo is organized and precise, Olya is careless and absent-minded. When Yalo's friend, a boy named Gurd reverse of Drug, meaning friend - Dneirfis suddenly imprisoned for refusing to talkmatch dating site crooked mirrors by the evil leaders "Anidag" reverse of Gadina, meaning snake - Ekans"Nushrok" reverse of Korshun, meaning Kite bird - Etik and "Abazh" reverse of Zhaba, meaning toad - DaotOlya decides to accompany Yalo to rescue him.

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While crossing paths with Father Beocca in Eoferwic, Uhtred finds himself embroiled in a rescue mission and is brought face to face with an enemy of old. Upon receiving word from Brother Trew and Father Beocca about a prophesised new king in the form of Christian Dane Guthred, Alfred sends the priests on a rescue mission, weighted in silver to free Guthred from the hands of slave traders.

Wessex can still be saved, but at what cost to Uhtred? The latter half of the story focuses on their ultimate defeat and the rescue of Gurd. However, when he returns to Wessex he is faced with the wrath of King Alfred and a judgment that leaves both his life and the life of his best friend Leofric hanging in the balance.

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The story has been suggested to be directed at the perceived hypocrisy of western nations in attacking the Soviet propaganda machine during the cold war. Running for their lives in an escape to find safety, a bond is finally struck between Uhtred and King Alfred; the two men recognize they must now stand and fight together if Wessex is to be reclaimed.

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Olya at last returns to her home and lives happily ever after with her grandmother. Iseult's charms and the promise of silver make Uhtred feel like he finally has the chance of a new start. The kingdom's mirrors are returned to normal, and its society becomes free. But there are ominous signs of a greater battle to come - The Danes launch an invasion on Wessex, pouring through the streets and killing all in their path.

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The party becomes mercenaries for a Cornish King and Uhtred attracts the attention of a beautiful sorceress queen named Iseult. On meeting the king, Anidag, Nushrok, and Abazh reveal themselves to be the actual powers behind the throne.

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Plot summary[ edit ] Similar in subject to and perhaps inspired by the novel Through The Looking Glassthe film centers around an encounter between a girl named Olya Yukina and a mysterious counterpart, Yalo, while staring into a mirror. Treachery, deception and heartache follow, though hope remains.

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Leaving the cover of the marshes, a united King Alfred and Uhtred must get word to Saxon forces; they make a rallying call to all Saxon armies to converge at Egbert's Stone to fight a decisive battle against the Danes. As the team enter into dangerous territory, will the exchange of ransom go to plan?

Yalo is the absolute opposite of Olya in every way.