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One person will take it and grab it, more like in the zone.

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She rose to fame after portraying the role of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Winthrop on the television soap opera, Passions. Everything is high stakes and very dramatic. How long have you guys been working on these? I think we're going to be acting in our third movie, as well, so I'll be able to say for sure then, as they're talking about it, so I can't completely give a great answer to this question yet.

So, congratulations on getting your first movie, Deadly Exchange, made.

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What is your guy's writing process like? As of now, their relationship is going very well, and there are no signs of separation. We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts. I love the soap opera genre. It felt kind of weird, because we didn't want anyone to be uncomfortable acting in it when we had written it.

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The actress gave birth to her on the 3rd day of July But I guess it makes sense that it would be a normal question, how we do it. You get along with your castmates, it's just a very family-oriented experience, I think the fans are super loyal, and it reminds me a lot of the Lifetime movies, that same kind of vibe.

Portraying the daughter of Martin and Pilar who ceaselessly manoeuvred married Ethan Winthrop into becoming hers gained Lindsay the attention that propelled her acting career.

Do you have any plans to deviate from the Lifetime mold and try something new? They really liked that one, and then it grew into a story, and then we watched it come to life.

And you had no experience? So we did have to adjust the ending, but I think it ended up working out okay, and we still got where we wanted to go. Can you go further with it?

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Her father is Ashkenazi Jewish whereas her mother is Greek and Italian. And we were very happy to get to see the dailies, and I hope that people are affected by the story. As such, she was asked if her child is interested in acting as well. Like I was saying before, I will always be dedicated to the soap genre, and I'll always support it.

I feel like writing for me, and I can't speak for Jason, but my process is, I never ever thought I'd be a writer -- it was never something that was in my mind, and I didn't even know how! Those are the things that she wants to do that she just loves.

It's quite the process, because the way this company works, it's automatically international, the distribution, so there are parameters and guidelines to get these stories approved.


We have to get notes, and we work from the log line. It was just a log line, a foreign exchange student who moves into town, and the log line said something like, "Everything is going great until the daughter's boyfriend ends up floating in the pool.

Husband Lindsay Hartley was once married to her ex-co-star, Justin Hartley. But I hear we should be celebrating more than this: Well we started working Reel One Entertainment last year, toward the third quarter of last year, and since then, we've been busting our buns writing.

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Because I'm confused, as well" She was a super talented doctor, and hopefully she is back with Doctors Without Borders and taking care of a ton of people, and somewhere on the road, she met the man of her dreams and is also living happily ever after. But we've been really lucky, the both of us, between the writing and the acting.

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It was kind of funny -- and so weird! After a while, they got engaged and eventually got married on the 1st day of May Everyone is happy and in love. I'd like to have that experience one more time to see if it was a fluke or if that's just how it's always going to be.

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