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Jeans, leather jacket and 22 simpsonu sezonas online dating hair, he had the looks of an aspiring rocker as he told — very passionately — the story of his family.

Research by professor Kathryn Shaw from Stanford Graduate School of Business has shown that experience gained even in failed projects, significantly increases the likelihood of success for future companies. I would be concerned had I not gotten to know Farmeron, but now that I have, I am not worried at all.

By saving us lots of time on record keeping, it gave us more time to attend to other things on the farm.

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CICs Cows in the Cloud is our key metric and we know exactly how many CICs we need to become the most relevant livestock farming database in the world. Before using the system, I kept all records by hand, on paper, which was very time consuming. Before, we had to drive back to the office to check on a cow… Or look at old data.

Where is Farmeron headed in the near- to mid-term future?

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Personally, I made a bunch of poor judgements and decisions, but I am still proud of our work and our team. In Croatia and Europe, it has been discussed for years that one of the biggest challenges in entrepreneurship is stigmatization of failure which leads to a situation where young people are afraid of trying just anything.

The primary challenge in the middle phases of the company are to take early success with customers and grout that into a highly scalable and efficient selling model. Lee Hower, NextView Ventures: How far do you see Farmeron going in the next few years in terms of liquidity for investors?

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A big part of the family around 25 people stays together and we are focused on technical excellence without compromise, especially in the field of developing mobile and enterprise Big Data solutions.

Unfortunately, American dairy industry and market have been going through difficult times for years which, in part, slowed down development of Farmeron. Farmeron is clearly establishing a scalable model to sell to and support more farms with their software, and a big reason for this new round is to enable them to prove this out and continue growing the customer base.

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Even if Rimac Automobili go bankrupt tomorrow, they have created a generation of engineers who know that they can create the fastest electric car in the world. In the meantime, things have changed dramatically.

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Of course, we also had a bunch of internal problems and we had to deal with them on the fly — with some less, with some more successfully.

These were complex, expensive software packages that looked like someone was trying to impose the SAP philosophy on the business of dairy farms. Aaron McAfee runs a large organic farm in California.

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Unlike McAfee, Lindsay Byrne is a small dairy producer. McAfee commented on his experience as a Farmeron customer for Tech. They would provide a cloud solution which would help farmers — specifically, dairy farmers — manage their business more efficiently. Only recently have we come to the point where we are ready for the formalization of this process and preparation of the sales team for which we will partially use funds from the recent investment.

Many people were sceptical. We invested in Farmeron because we were impressed by Matija as a founder and excited about the opportunity in a huge market agriculture.

With Farmeron, all data can be entered directly on the farm with a smartphone. The rest will continue their work in other companies: Any other reasons to like Farmeron? The aim — in the words of the owner — remains digital transformation of the dairy industry.

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Last August Farmeron confirmed that it was bought by a long-time client and investor Virtus Nutrition, however it would not tell how high the amount was. It was a year of when the inexperience not only in development, but particularly in operational processes and selling was the biggest deficit of any domestic startup.

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Achieving market leader position in agtech business, in any segment of the agricultural industry — is a race in the long run. Farmeron has made a ton of progress since we first invested: He wanted to enable dairy farmers to be more efficient and help them grow their businesses in the process.

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There was a new generation of farmers, he explained to us, to whom digital, online, performance and efficiency were not such foreign terms as they were to the older crowd.

I commented on the startups that we had seen pitch that day with Bostjan Spetic, founder of Zemanta. We have established a new software development company in Osijek and taken on new interesting projects — de facto we made a kindergarten for new future Farmerons.

Funds like Startups invest in projects in the earliest stages of development expecting that 3 out of 10 will return the invested money, and only 1 out of 10 will earn so much that the whole story will be profitable.


The company has made exceptional progress in the commercial roll out of the product over the last months. Building a great team and evolving this side of our business is going to be another major challenge.

But after a detailed demonstration at the World Ag Expo, my concerns were alleviated. It takes a lot of investment in basic digital literacy of farmers in order for technologies like Farmeron to really live up to its full potential. Seedcamps were the first events in the region that have actively connected local startups to foreign and domestic investors.

The usual for any vertical SaaS company: For those who are following the scene closely, the message was clear: In we were faced with business difficulties, caused partly by a difficult situation in the US dairy market lasting for years. Farmeron is a centralized data point for quick interpretation and decision making, it helps to make sure things are getting done when they should be and most importantly it has given us more time to manage other aspects of the farm.

Farmeron was going to change all that. I believe that good things happen to good companies — as long as the market is big enough, and ag certainly is.