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As well as Wikipedia, the amazing RailBrit is a wealth of information on many UK lines, and many of their pages are also linked from the map.

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Refresh of the map interface to make it easier to use on mobile devices. Different underlying map views are available from the Map button at top-right e. A number of new railroads added, plus lots of new spurs.

Trams added for West Midlands.

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Sheffield redrawn, with much more industry detail and places. They remain the Copyright of Rail Map Online. Routes of UK railways, and positions of stations have been taken from out-of-copyright Ordnance Survey maps.

Trams added for Essex, north Kent. Routes of Irish railways have been taken from out-of-copyright OS Ireland maps.

Ireland Maps

If that fails, try clearing the cache might not be loading latest version. Only one sidebar is shown at once, or all sidebars can be hidden to maximise the map area. Welsh historic trams added. Clicking on the Marker provides the position, or it can be viewed on the Tools Sidebar. Approximate representation of the route as announced July You can also remove the Maker from the map.

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Darlington and Rotherham redrawn. Clicking on a map feature a track or station will bring up lunnye polyany online dating available information, such as station name and position, or links to web resources such as Wikipedia articles.

This website and the railway overlays are intended for personal use only. Legend contains a list of all the railway companies currently displayed. Known Bugs 1 Aug Stations and other features occasionally fail to display. It is not possible to depict every spur and siding, but where significant lines are missing or errors have been made then please contact us so that we can correct it.

Wikipedia is an amazing resource, and thank you to all of your who have contributed to the articles and put so much information on line for us all to use.

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Useful Links The primary source of information on old railway lines and the companies that built them is from various Wikipedia articles, and most of the lines when clicked on will bring up a link to the relevant article.

If performance is slow then it is recommended you do not use the Places feature. Try changing zoom, or turning stations off and on. New High Speed 2 layer added. Let others know about this website by emailing a friendor use the social network links on the page Header.

Why has this happened?

Lots of detail for San Francisco waterfront. Note that due to Google's terms of conditions, every care has been made to avoid copying their information and other sources of location have been used to derive routes and locations such as old Ordnance Survey maps that are out of Copyright - see the Links section below.

Technical Information Rail Map Online uses Javascript to load the map, display the layers, calculate coordinates and manipulate the general layout of the page.

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Also check out Hidden Teessidean amazing collection of images and information, the brilliant Forgotten Relicsand the Rail Archive. Please contact us if you spot any bugs and errors, or if you want to find out more about the maps.

Where railway information is freely available for instance locations of existing tracks on mapsthen in many cases only a rough representation of a route is provided here, with the focus of this website being on those lines no longer existing and the smaller, less well known branches and industrial systems.

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Newark redrawn, and more of your suggestions added to the map. Simpler map option showing Open and Closed lines this requires a re-drawing of the maps, so is still some way off. Somerset Coal Canal, including linked tramways.

This is for you to mark a position or feature. Nottingham and Derby redrawn. Wikipedia also contains a number of Railway Clearing House junction diagrams that have been used to help allocate ownership of different lines.

Discovering the Cartography of the Past

Historic trams added for Greater London. A special mention must go to The Railways Archive which is not only a fantastic resource, but also has enabled links from their extensive railway accident database directly to locations on this website.

And New British Iron Co.