Panic Attacks Treatment – 7 Tips To Cure Anxiety Attacks

Panic Attacks TreatmentNatural panic attacks treatment options are often regarded with superficiality and considered ineffective simply because they don’t involve the use of drugs and prescription medicines and rely on less invasive and harmful ingredients.

But the truth is an herbal treatment for panic attacks (how to stop panic attacks) can be just as effective as a medical one, as most plants used as treatment for anxiety attacks contain the same active principles incorporated in drugs and medications. In fact, the substances that make antidepressants and anxiety drugs so efficient are often extracted from natural sources, such as shrubs, herbs and other plants.

The only difference is that most of the times drugs prescribed as treatment of panic attacks contain higher amounts of active principles and higher concentrations of healing ingredients, so their effects are visible sooner.

Still, this doesn’t mean the best treatment for panic attacks symptoms is a medical one. Herbal and natural cures can bring the same results, but in a longer period of time and with fewer adverse reactions, so it’s up to you to decide what type of anxiety attacks treatment you prefer.

If you’re interested in trying some natural remedies for your condition, here are some of the most efficient herbs incorporated in panic attacks treatment plans!

Natural Panic Attacks Treatment – Bach’s Rescue Remedy

Bach’s rescue remedy is less popular than lavender, chamomile and other herbal cures used for keeping anxiety episodes under control but it’s often regarded as the best treatment for panic attacks thanks to its powerful ingredients, which act directly on the nervous system, relieving stress and anxiety.

This herb is available as capsules, drops and liquid extracts, its gentle formula and scent being very relaxing and calming. In traditional medicine, this plant is considered vibrational and energetic, which means it is able to influence the user’s emotional and mental state by channeling healing energy into that person.

Often labeled as homeopathic remedy, this natural treatment for anxiety attacks is used diluted with water as it is believed its curative properties and powers are enhanced by shaking movements and repeated dilution.

Treatment For Panic Attacks – Tartar Cream

Unless you’re an alternative medicine enthusiast, you probably never thought of tartar cream as a panic attacks treatment. However, the mechanism through which this product aids in controlling panic attacks is quite simple: this product has an alkaline pH, so by mixing it with water and taking it regularly you can change your body’s pH into a more alkaline one.

As you surely know, the alkaline state is the opposite of the acid state, which triggers nervousness, irritability, aches and discomfort, altering the internal equilibrium of your body. By reducing acidity, tartar cream helps relieving symptoms caused by stress overload and keeps anxiety and panic attacks away.

Tartar cream can be consumed daily, the recommended doses being ½ tsp. mixed with water. Given that it doesn’t interfere with medicines and drugs, this product can be safely consumed by anyone dealing with intense and unexplainable fears and worries.

Chamomile Tea – An Effective Anxiety Attacks Treatment

Drinking chamomile tea daily can also help reducing anxiety and panic, this daisy-like plant being excellent in calming pains and aches, relieving stress and inducing a general feeling of relaxation and well being. It is a natural remedy for skin problems, it accelerates wound healing and reduces colic and stomach upset, promoting a restful sleep.

Chamomile tea, creams and topic ointments, liquid extracts and capsules are natural alternatives to antidepressants and medicines prescribed to people affected by anxiety. This panic attacks treatment bases its effectiveness on the ingredients contained by the herb, mainly flavonoids like chrysin, which are known to alleviated manifestations and symptoms induced by anxiety.

One to four cups of chamomile tea per day are enough for keeping panic crisis under control and preventing anxiety symptoms recurrence, but remember this product shouldn’t be excessively used as it does trigger unpleasant effects when too large amounts are consumed.

Vitamin C As Panic Attacks Treatment

Vitamin C is not a traditional treatment for panic attacks but it’s surely a helpful remedy for people dealing with this condition as it is involved in strengthening the body’s immune system and reducing stress overload and its effects on one’s overall health.

Through its tranquilizing effect, vitamin C is an anti-stress ingredient, an excellent stimulant that regulates the production of neurotransmitters and reduces the frequency and intensity of panic attacks and (Anxiety Disorder Treatment) anxiety symptoms.

Available in natural sources, such as onions, avocados, strawberries, spinach, Swiss chard, cayenne peppers and watercress, as well as in dietary supplements and vitamins formulas, this substance can dramatically improve one’s control over their panic attacks without causing the unpleasant effects of antidepressant drugs.

Neroli Oil As Treatment Of Panic Attacks

Unlike other natural oils used as treatment for panic attacks, Neroli oil has the great advantage of being completely free of side effects and risks therefore it can be safely used even during pregnancy, as it does no harm to the mother or future baby.

This panic attacks treatment is efficient in separation anxiety, social phobia and panic symptoms occurring as a result of intense emotions and stress overload. Its antispasmodic effects make the oil efficient against menstrual cramps and PMS as well, while the nourishing properties enhance skin’s beauty and rejuvenate its aspect.

Used for massage or inhalation, Neroli oil can be mixed with other essential oils, such as jasmine or rose, the resulted exotic fragrance being a genuine anxiety, nervousness, irritability and agitation remedy.
Home Treatment For Anxiety Attacks – Magnesium Supplements

Anxiety, stress and depression are linked with chemical imbalances inside the body, being well known that these conditions cause the depletion of the internal stores of magnesium. The worse the nutritional deficiency is, the more frequent panic attacks occur and the more threatening and disturbing anxiety symptoms become.

By keeping an eye on your diet and making sure you get enough magnesium from foods or dietary supplements you can keep panic symptoms under control and prevent the recurrence of the typical manifestations of this unpleasant condition.

Some of the best natural sources of magnesium are mustard greens, turnips, pumpkins and their seeds, green beans, sea vegetables, blackstrap molasses and collard greens. Cucumbers, salmon, celery and cantaloupe are also rich in this mineral, so make sure to include them in your weekly eating plan.

Resting – The Best Treatment For Panic Attacks?

Giving yourself enough rest is crucial for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks as the symptoms of these conditions are often triggered by increased stress levels, tiredness and fatigue, irritability and nervousness caused by the lack of sleep.

Without enough sleep and rest, the organism becomes weaker and more prone to mental and physical problems, losing its ability of handling daily tasks in an effective and healthy manner. This leads to unexplainable worries and fears, to negative thinking and feelings of guilt, failure and uselessness, so this is why lots of people consider proper resting a must for any panic attacks treatment plan.

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