Panic Disorder Treatment – 7 Easy Remedies For Panic Attacks

Panic Disorder TreatmentPanic disorder treatment alternatives include both medical and natural remedies, but the first ones are usually more costly and often have more side effects than natural products used as anxiety disorder treatment.

A natural treatment for panic disorder (how to stop panic attacks) can bring the same benefits, without the unpleasant adverse reactions of drugs prescribed as treatment for anxiety disorder so if you’re affected by anxiety and experience panic attacks frequently, you can try to incorporate the natural remedies given below in your personalized treatment plan.

Vitamin B As Panic Disorder Treatment

Foods rich in vitamin B and supplements including this vitamin are proven to relieve symptoms of panic disorder thanks to their ability of stimulating the nervous system and favoring the release of serotonin, a substance involved in regulating the mood and providing a feeling of well-being. Also, this vitamin stimulates the production of noradrenaline, another neurotransmitter involved in keeping stress levels under control and anxiety symptoms away.

Vitamin B deficiencies result in nervousness, irritability, fatigue and stress overload, contributing to the onset of panic disorder symptoms. It is therefore obvious that by including this nutrient in your daily diet, you can improve your symptoms management and keep panic disorder crisis away.

Foods rich in vitamin B are all types of fish, poultry, shellfish, brown rice, sunflower seeds, lentils, eggs, peanuts, plums, pork and broccoli.

Lavender Oil – A Natural Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Another natural panic disorder treatment is lavender, plant that has been proven to reduce anxiety symptoms appearing in high-stress conditions. Its ingredients stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine, substances involved in controlling stress levels and panic reactions.

Part of the mint family, lavender can be found in soaps and perfumes, as a scent, but also in honey and baked goods, as oil. The simplest way to use lavender for preventing panic attacks and keeping symptoms under control is massaging your body with this essential oil daily.

Besides providing a deep feeling of calmness and relaxation, this oil also combats insomnia and stress, being a great aid for anyone dealing with anxiety and panic symptoms induced by tiredness and stress overload. If you’re not really into full body massages, you can limit to a relaxing feet massage or you can simply rub some oil on your stomach and torso, with gentle movements, before going to bed.

Valerian As Treatment For Anxiety Disorder

Valerian is an excellent anxiety disorder treatment as it has a deep calming and sedative effect, inducing a feeling of relaxation and relieving pain and aches. This herb is often recommended as natural cure for insomnia but provides very good results in patients with panic disorders as well, as it helps them manage their symptoms in a more effective way.

Valerian increases the levels of GABA – gamma aminobutyric acid, a neurotransmitter (substance produced in the brain) that decreases stress levels and anxiety and induces a relaxation sensation. This herb can be found as extract, tea, tincture, tablets or capsules, so it’s up to you to decide how you want to include the ingredient in your natural panic disorder treatment plan.

Still, make sure you ask your physician’s advice before starting to use this herb as it has quite a strong sedative effect and may interfere with your daily activities and with sedative medicines.

Passion Flower As Panic Disorder Treatment

Passion flower is often used as treatment for panic disorder thanks to its mild sedative and calming effect. The herb is generally recommended to people dealing with stress overload and recurrent anxiety episodes, as its ingredients – mainly the alkaloids harmaline and harman – act like monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO).

MAO are antidepressant drugs prescribed to people diagnosed with panic attacks and anxiety, so the similarities between these medicines and passion flower ingredients recommend the herb as a natural panic disorder treatment, with fewer side effects than the drugs. The herb is available as capsules, tablets, liquid extract, oil and tea.

Rose Oil – An Effective Treatment For Panic Disorder

Rose oil is proven to enhance mood, strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate skin, but above these benefits, this natural oil is also known to act on the nervous system, eliminating stress and anxiety.

Whether you decide to use the rose oil for massage, to add it in warm water while taking a bath or to mix it with your facial cream, be prepared to experience its calming effects from the first use. The specific scent induces an intense calmness sensation, being an excellent alternative to medical panic disorder treatment options.

Besides putting an end to your panic attacks, this oil will also boost your self-esteem level, enhance your mental clarity and alertness, reduce fever and relieve aches and inflammations. Also, rose oil will diminish pain caused by arthritis, will speed up skin recovery from wounds and will enhance respiration.

Lemon Balm As Remedy For Panic Attacks

Just like valerian, lemon balm is often used as a natural remedy against agitation and stress, both symptoms being linked with panic attacks occurrence. This herb is known to relax both the body and mind and exert a sedative effect by stimulating the release of GABA and acetylcholine.

These neurotransmitters are responsible for muscle stimulation and relaxation, for sleeping patterns and nervous reactions, so inhibiting the enzymes that destroy these substances will lead to increased GABA and acetylcholine levels inside the brain and nervous cells.

As a consequence, depression, irritability, agitation and panic will no longer manifest therefore lemon balm can be successfully used as treatment for panic and anxiety disorder symptoms. The ingredient is available in teas, tinctures and raw products such as salads and pestos and also in body lotions, so you can choose the type of remedy that suits your personality and health needs the best.

St. John’s Wort – Natural Cure For Anxiety Disorder

St. John’s wort is probably the most popular panic disorder treatment along with lavender, this herb being used for centuries as alternative remedy for anxiety and panic symptoms. Available in capsules, tablets, tinctures and teas, the ingredient reduces nervousness and irritability, inducing a feeling of well being and calmness.

By keeping negative thoughts under control and treating depression and fears, this herb is an excellent aid for panic disorder sufferers. Just like valerian, St. John’s wort stimulates the production and release of GABA, restoring the internal equilibrium and maintaining a healthy chemical balance in the brain.

However, studies taken on the effects of this herb proved its effects become visible only after weeks of continuous use, so in case your panic attacks are frequent and manifest through threatening and extremely disturbing symptoms, you should try to mix this natural remedy with a medical one.

Despite the effectiveness of the natural cures listed above, there are numerous cases in which a medical panic disorder treatment is required for properly managing the ailment, so make sure to check with your physician before choosing a panic or anxiety disorder treatment plan.

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