Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson by lauryn nakamura on Prezi Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson by lauryn nakamura on Prezi

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Rupert Grint talks kissing Emma Watson at Celebration of Harry Potter Event | Daily Mail Online

They are actors that considered themselves to be good friends. Their characters in the Harry Potter series Ron and Hermione are married though. In fact, inEmma stated that even the kissing scenes with Rupert were awkward, when making the recent Harry Potter movies, since Emma and Rupert grew up together while making the movies, and feel like brother and sister.

But back to the question, Rupert has never proposed to Emma Watson, not even for a joke.: Does Rupert grint have a crush on Emma Watson? Did Emma Watson marry Rupert Grint?

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Yes, look here and check yourself if you don't belive me! He grew up with her while filming Harry Potter, and considers her almost a sister. Is Rupert Grint dating Katie Lewis?

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NO they are just friensds in fact they didnt want to kiss in the movie but had to go threw with it. Is Rupert Grint and Emma Watson getting married?

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No, they are just good friends. Yes, their characters kiss in the final Harry Potter movie so they kissed while filming that scene.

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In the Harry Potter book series, the Characters that they portray end up married with children. Also you don't need to be married to have kids and kiss!! In the last movie she should be kissing both of them. Many Harry Potter fans will have created them because the characters they play get married, other will just have created it because they want Grint and Watson fans to be confused.

Rupert Grint likes Emma Watson they way one would like a dear friend. Emma Watson did not date nor marry Rupert Grint.

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I think Rupert's very handsome. If they were getting married which they are not it would have been on every news channel in the world as Rupert is 22 and Emma is 20 so it would have cause a stir etc they are young.

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Are Emma and Rupert dating? Emma Roberts is my mum, she is amazing i love her so much she has got songs out that are amazing!!!!!!! Why are there pictures of Rupert Grint and Emma Watson in wedding outfits if they aren't married?

It was Ron's bad memories from the locket. Is Rupert Grint dating anyone?

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Does Rupert Grint like Emma Watson? They are not dating and never have. She does kiss Harry although it wasn't the real Harry and Hermione if you like. Oh totally, he's looking good.

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Both say they are like siblings. Are Emma Roberts and Rupert Grint married? However both Emma and Rupert have stated that they wouldn't want to kiss their co-stars because they think of each other as siblings.

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