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A making of Rendez-vous in Montreal [2] was done that explained all these pioneer methods. We come to a room where we see a clock that strikes 10 times, reminding us that time is a factor again. At the beginning, the computer needs to know the shapes of the characters, even the detail of their hands or their thumbs.

The head of Marilyn grown old appears: She appears in all her splendor.

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He hesitates, he looks about for the entrance, he finds it and enters the building. Humphrey then sets up a rendezvous with her for the next day at 10 o'clock at the Bon-Secours market in Montreal. Dissemination[ edit ] The film premiered in May at the Engineering Institute of Canada Centennial Convention, which was attended by about delegates; excerpts were shown on six television channels the same week.

The most important parts of the software developed was: Humphrey fancies her and sends her a kiss that awakens her. He thinks of Marilyn; he calls her many times and begs her to return to earth with him. The low level based on specialized procedures called abstract muscles action AMA procedures [4] that work on specific regions of the human face.

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Marilyn was also used as a referee for a tennis match. She has not returned to life yet. For example, a sculptor sculpted Marilyn's and Humphrey's hands by covering real human hands with plaster, a grid was drawn, photos from various angles were taken, and the information was digitized in 2D and the computer reconstituted the 3D information.

Marilyn appears motionless and made of marble.

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They take each other hands and the romance begins. The script level corresponding to the facial animation.

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Can they have their own right of publicity? The expression level consisting of phonemes and emotions. The system used for the production of the film was Human Factory [1].

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Both actors disappear in the night while making faces at each other. The body motion control based on keyframe animation and inverse kinematics The skinning system based on Joint-Local dependent Operators JLDwhich is recognized as the original classical skeleton-based deformation algorithm.

The Scenario[ edit ] The movie begins in the hereafter, where Humphrey is bored and longs to live again.

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Once such a celebrity has been recreated, it can be also used in an autonomous way for other purpose, e. For the heads and torsos, a sculptor created 3D plaster models and the process of digitizing is the same.

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They come down from a starry sky into the Bon-Secours market; we hear footsteps and the sounds of the city in the background. We do not see Humphrey but we hear him think out loud.