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Jagger went on a solo tour to promote his solo album, adding Stones tunes to the live set list. But inthe Stones ' original piano player, the man who graciously stepped aside to become a permanent roadie and sideman, Ian Stewartpassed away, and its effect on the group was devastating.

By this time, Jagger is almost completely running the band with Keith barely able to function.

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Richards responded by recording his own solo album and putting a band together for his own solo tour. By their North American rolling stones 25x5 online dating, they were playing in huge stadiums with a gigantic show to go with it.

Unfinished Song

Stewart was the emotional glue of the band, the one who could knock any original member down a peg if his head got too big, referring to the band as "my little three-chord wonders. After a couple of grueling tours, the group finally conquers America with the back-to-back-to-back successes of "It's All Over Now," "The Last Time," and "Satisfaction.

The date goes disastrously, with Hell's Angels beating a fan to death with pool sticks.

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If they were going to survive as a band in a long-range entity a fairly unheard of thing for a pop group back thenthey would have to start writing their own material, just as the Beatles were doing. But with the fame comes the heat, and soon the three frontline Stones JaggerRichardsand Jones all found themselves arrested on teach-these-boys-a-lesson drug-possession charges.

But all is not well, as Richards sinks deeper and deeper into heroin addiction. Taking things in hand, Oldham quickly ousted Ian Stewart from the lineup he didn't have "the look" and hipped Jagger and Richards to the fact that they could keep plundering other people's song catalogs for only so long.

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As Richards tells the tale, Oldham locked him and Jagger in a kitchen and wouldn't let them out until they had composed their first song together. But Keith cleans up and the band's success continues unabated.

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In the midst of this mega-success, Mick Taylor is replaced by Ronnie Wood with seemingly little change in sound and style and popularity. Although great friends off-stage, the competition and disparities between the two groups were played up in the press at every opportunity, mostly the crafty PR work of their first real manager, Andrew Loog Oldham.

The film closes with footage from that tour, showcasing the band back on top of its game. By the time the dust had cleared in these swinging, psychedelic late-'60s times, Jagger and Richards were free, Oldham was no longer their manager, and Jones was kicked out of the group, to die suddenly a few weeks later before the Stones could play an outdoor gig in Hyde Park to introduce his replacement, Mick Taylor.

The result was the Steel Wheels album and subsequent tour, getting the band back on track, doing what it does best.

When Richards is busted in Toronto for possession, it looks like the end of the band.

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As black-and-white snapshots turn into the first television appearances and subsequent footage of the band, modern-day interviews with Jagger and Richards coalesce with it to tell the tale of the early days of the band's success. Feeling they could now tour solidly and take advantage of the new technology in PA systems i.

It is an enormous success and the group decides to celebrate with a final thank-you date to the fans at Altamont Raceway.

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