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Sabrina was hesitant to believe that Carlos planned to leave the mob and her instincts were proven correct when Carlos showed up on her doorstep with his mob associate Johnny Zacchara.

Sabrina had been raised by her cousin's family after her mother's death when she was young.

GH Spoiler: Where is Sabrina Santiago?

Sabrina is heartbroken, though Patrick is torn on what to do. After several weeks of waiting, she was contacted by the show again and read for executive producer, Frank Valentini. However, they have the issue of Carlos to deal with. Sabrina suffers a breakdown, and Patrick is forced to remind her that their son is dead.

Eventually Patrick ended his relationship with Britt. After their son grew stronger, they named his Gabriel Drake to honor Sabrina's mother and the new child's connection to Emma.

She continued to reach out to him and he accompanied her to an appointment in which they learned that they were having a son. I had looked sabrina santiago hook up in 2018 myself in the mirror going, this girl is so ridiculous right now, and I thought naturally, she should have a lisp.

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Their relationship ended when Michael learned that Carlos was the baby's father. Robin leaves town soon after, and Sabrina is there for Emma when she needs a mother figure. After the ball, Sabrina and Felix team up to disprove the paternity of Britt's baby.

She gives birth on the side of the road with Britt's help, and her son spends several weeks in the hospital fighting to survive.

She tells Patrick, who is slightly jealous of Carlos' declaration. According to Passalacqua, Sabrina has an "instant charm. Sabrina intentionally prescribes Ava medication to induce labor.

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Sabrina immediately knew that Patrick belongs with Robin, and was, according to the actress, actually shocked that he is torn about the decision.

Later, Julian Jerome William deVry will go looking for his sister Ava fresh off his heated discussion with Sonny who made it clear there is no peace between them. As the plans for the ball moved forward, Sabrina continued to spend time with Patrick's daughter and Patrick as well.

In the past, "Carlos was there to offer her love, guidance and protection," and he does so again after Sabrina is left to deal with Patrick's choice. When Patrick did not immediately express the same feelings, Sabrina decided to move on and accepted a date with Milo Giambetti.

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They show some photos to locals and it looks like they get a lead. But Morgan is doing better than they think — at least for now.

GH Spoiler: Where is Sabrina Santiago? |

With no doctor nearby, is Sabrina in danger from delivery complications? As Sabrina and Milo got to know one another, Patrick realized that he had romantic feelings for Sabrina and escorted her to the Nurses Ball. The relationship is immediately tested when Britt announces she is pregnant.

Patrick and Sabrina finally admit their feelings for one another. Things come to a head when a confrontation between Emma and Britt leads to Emma running away and Sabrina finds her.

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Castillo admitted that she was not prepared for the fans to be so vocal, but said that she respected their loyalty to Robin and Patrick. Sabrina carries her adoptive mother's stethoscope. She doesn't want to tell Patrick for fear of looking like Britt, but Felix blurts it out to Patrick.

Early on, the triangle focuses on Patrick's romance with Britt Westbourne Kelly Thiebaud as Sabrina pines for his affections.

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She went along with the lie but later confessed the truth to Patrick. Sabrina tried to avoid Patrick even though Felix and Elizabeth urged her to fight for him.

But as they get closer, Sabrina goes into labor. And there he is … Patrick… and you start talking to yourself and he is right behind you.

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Carly goes to chat up Sonny about the possibility that Avery might get an overnight with them. Sabrina comes off very afraid at times, and usually cannot be honest about how she feels. However, her relationships with both Patrick and Emma especially are very strong. In AprilSabrina, Patrick, and Emma get into a hit-and-run car accident sending Sabrina into premature labor.

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Patrick and Sabrina name him Gabriel after her mother and have him baptized before he passes away due to an underdeveloped respiratory system. According to Carlivati, Felix is not the kind of person who will let Sabrina wallow in her potential defeat; he always encourages and supports her.

Sabrina believed that Ava was to blame and decided that Ava and her unborn child should suffer. She once again tested with Thompson.

Sabrina was honored when Patrick reached out to her and mistakenly believed that he wanted to take her on a date. Apart from her feelings for Patrick, Sabrina's whole life is defined by following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a nurse.

When Patrick uncovered evidence that pointed to another suspect, Sabrina regretted her actions and tried to prevent Ava from consuming any more of the harmful substance.

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Such routine misogyny is now very much in the past. Castillo revealed that pregnancy is the last thing on Sabrina's mind, she can't ignore it once a pregnancy test confirms it. However, Sabrina's adoptive mother died when she was very young.

Sabrina grows up idolizes her adoptive mother. Writing her like a Disney princess made the character seem too immature, according to Bibel.

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Much to the dismay of Ava's older daughter Kiki, Sabrina took the position as Avery's nanny. When plans for the clinic were stalled, he offered her a job as a nanny for his infant sister Avery. As Sabrina dealt with a broken heart, Carlos turned to her for safety after he had been shot.

But on their wedding day, Robin shows up alive, and reunites with her husband and daughter. However, the series decided to stick with Rebecca Montoya as Delores.

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However, Sabrina's former lover Carlos arrived in Port Charles and claimed that he still loved Sabrina and wanted her back.

She blamed Sabrina for the break-up and took steps to end Sabrina's nursing career before it officially started.