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It'll be a night you never forget. Hank Williams Despite early death at the age of 29Hank Williams was a true legend, and his legacy is truly cemented in the genre. There wasn't a moment I didn't enjoy. Who he is on tv and in interviews is who he is in real life.

What makes Hank Williams such a legend is the authenticity of his music. Few other genres — if any — have songs that can withstand the test of time as much as country music has done.

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The album was highly successful and was impressively certified platinum in America. Additionally his talents filtered through to him successfully releasing a public's favourite, Christmas album intitled, 'Christmas with Scotty McCreery', which has impressively been certified gold in the USA.

Talking with him was like talking with one of my best friends. Her talent, fueled by a winning personality, has endured the test of time.

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The amount of talent on stage was so amazing. Following alphabet dating ideas quote win Scott sang at numerous local shows with the radio station.

And yes — he went ahead and made his music the way he saw fit. I can't say enough nice things about him and his band. It definitely worth seeing him in concert.

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Total disruption for the industry. You'll be entertained from beginning to end then sad when it's over.

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For close to 2 decades, he was host of Hee Haw. He switched from acoustic guitar to electric than back to acoustic. Following his success in the reality TV show, Scott went on to record and release his debut studio album, titled, Clear as Day, that same year. Willie Nelson Willie Nelson was a country singer with a universal appeal.

And while many of his compatriots sang about the prison experience, Merle Haggard lived it. Also I got to meet Scotty in person and he is the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

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His prolific songbook includes political screeds, drinking tunes, and jailhouse lamentations. He sang songs from his newest album and a couple from his older albums too.

He is such an amazing singer and did such an amazing job from beginning to end. Scott McCreery had to have one of his parents live with him during the process of the show due to his young age.

His singles have outsold every other country singer in the country. For that reason, he became quite a trend setter.

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Buck Owens Another true legend of the genre, Buck Owens is known for amping up the honky-tonk sound, and giving Nashville a run for its money. His songs were all about quality — and they went above and beyond. A consistent hitmaker for nearly a decade, Waylon Jennings simply wanted to be himself.

Dolly Parton With her angelic voice and pin-up curves, Dolly Parton has been a landmark in country music for decades. Scott was the series' youngest male winner and second youngest winner overall.

His band did Phenomenal too. Aged over 85 years old, the Texas-born icon is still on the road and entertaining his fans. They played instruments from fiddle to banjo to drums,electric guitar and keyboard and the list goes on.

Dolly Parton ranks among the best songwriters in any format, and remains an entertainment icon to this date.

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I highly recommend it. When he sang about love lost, you could feel that in every line. His string of hits, commercial success, and industry track record speaks for itself. He was a prominent figure in the outlaw movement that opposed the polished Nashville sound.