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Umie Aida also played a very good version of her role, where you do not know if she was a good character or a bad one. But who really stole the show was Emelda Rosmilia who played Melur.

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Even Sara Ali who played the smaller role of Hanum stole the spotlight for a bit. He was such a joy to watch with his misunderstood sensibility and his arrogant and angry character, which he pulled off really well.

The make-up and prosthetics needed a little more work as it did not really give such a scare after the anticipation it built up to.

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As the story begins to unfold it has its moments where it would creep you out and even blow a bit of your mind. The first thing you notice before anything was the beautiful cinematography and it deserves to be applauded.

An important and monumental time in Malaysia should be respected and remembered, though the memories and what the Japanese had done were not at all happy times for our country. Of course in that sense nobody is either one or the other, but she played her creepy character so well that it makes you wonder if you should trust her and it was exciting.

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The plotline was strong and how the story was told with an artistic flair that was also easy to comprehend, although it did have its ridiculous moments. Kabir Bhatia is a terrific director, but something about this film still lacked the punch a horror film like "Susuk".

It was great seeing her scared beyond her wits most of the time.

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It was actually pretty hilarious. An effective horror film should creep into your mind and not leave it, and the scenes in the beginning did that justice. Bhatia's next film will be anticipated even more.

Amukan Azazil" is recommended if you love good storytelling and to appreciate the efforts to combine both a good story and cinematography into a horrifying period piece.

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Cinema Online, 15 March The Japanese invasion era idea was a really fun idea to extract from by the looks of it. It had an interesting story and background, and it was a fine idea to insert the story into a period-piece background, especially a period piece in Malaysia.

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In the men department, Remy Ishak played the leading male role, though he was mostly the silent hero throughout the film. Diana Danielle was good in her role. The mystery of wondering what it looked like was frightening to think about, and it is why horror films are fun.

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The best male role though was Atan, played by Sharnaaz Ahmad. They were great and entertaining and their characters had a certain depth many secondary actors crave for.

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The scene and the sets were so well done, and it made us appreciate how attractive our country actually is. It was fine for the first few scenes because you do not really see the 'creature' at first, which makes you imagine something right out of your nightmares, but it would have been preferred if the 'creature' was not seen at all, even in the end.