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The aim of this assessment is for social services to find out what help and advice you need to remain independent. Why does Facebook want to do all this? If you or someone you know has a sight problem, our specialist advice workers can help.

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Visit the Children, Young People and Families page to find out more. Social services should contact you to discuss carrying out a needs assessment, also known as a Social Care and Rehabilitation Assessment. If necessary, they will then refer you to an eye clinic for an appointment.

Firstly, it can make life more affordable by enabling you to claim a wide range of concessions.

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If you choose not to be registered, you can still get support from social services to help you remain independent. Take a look at our video where Nick talks to his doctor about the process and the steps involved in registering.

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They include improved image recognition designed to help a computer segment an image and asia dating space profiles see what's actually in it, for example seeing where the outline of a person ends and differentiating them from other people or the background.

Facebook to the future. Find out more about getting help from social services.

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Although being registered does not automatically entitle you to any particular welfare benefits, it does often make it easier for you to claim some of them. Visual Question and Answering Demo Earlier this year, we showed some of our work on natural language understanding - specifically, a system called Memory Networks MemNets that can read and then answer questions about short texts.

Getting in touch with your local council to register as sight impaired, or severely sight impaired, can open up a host of benefits.

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Registering your sight loss: How do I get registered? For example, this could include help with everyday tasks such as cleaning and cooking, keeping in touch with friends and family, or with transport. If social services don't contact you to discuss your needs assessmentthen you can contact our Helpline on and select option 7 to be put straight through to one of our Sight Loss Advisers.

Related FAQs Questions that others have found useful. Speaking here today at the annual Web Summit Internet conference, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer showed off the company's latest advances in artificial intelligence, including the experimental photo app.

The social network has developed an app that invites those with impaired vision to ask questions about photos and have the answers read to them.

Chatty app from Facebook helps the sight-impaired 'see'

The technology is called Memory Networks aka MemNets. We're here to help Our Helpline is your direct line to the support, advice, and products you need to face the future with confidence.

If your ophthalmologist judges that you can be certified, they will complete an official certificate with the results of your eye examination, as well as information about your circumstances. And Facebook also wants its AI to recognise what's in photos so the world's largest social network can fine-tune what shows up in your newsfeed.

The Faceboffins have also scaled up a technology that helps neural networks develop "a short-term memory" and answer questions as a human might.

But after discussing what was involved with his doctor, he began to change his mind.

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Which concessions you are entitled to depends on whether you are registered as severely sight impaired or sight impaired. Our page on the "criteria for certification" will tell you more about what the specialist will test for.

At your appointment in the eye clinic, an eye specialist called an ophthalmologist will examine the health of your eyes and your eyesight.

Nick has retinitis pigmentosa and he was reluctant to register his loss of vision at first. Nick's experience transcript The registration process for children in Scotland is slightly different.

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By combining MemNets with image recognition, the computer can then answer questions about an image. These include a half-price TV Licence, help with NHS costs, help with your Council Tax bill and tax allowances, leisure discounts and free public transport.

Your local council will often give you a registration card that proves your registration status.

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The advantages of registering There are some very significant advantages to getting registered. When presented with a picture of a friend's baby, for instance, you might ask, "Where is the baby? Here's the demo video of the app, which is still in development: