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It's very Acne and Isabel Marant. It's imprinted as a memory as it occurs.

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I wanted to capture that feeling somehow—that's why I started this blog. One woman was married to a high school football coach who worked late evenings during the season so she'd treat herself to chips and guacamole while watching Real Housewives marathons.

It is also a social networking website. Could you tell us some of the blogs that you personally like to follow? Who would you say are your style icons of all time?


I started tweeting what I was eating in Septemberusing the hashtag singlegirldinner. In a nutshell, how would you describe your blog?

Beat Sonja Morgan to it girl!!! My go-to holiday style is "chic with one statement piece," which could be a necklace or a gold sequined pencil skirt! There was a white space that I wanted to fill and I wanted to do it in a way where I'm not trying to single girl dinner tumblr wallpaper something.

A gift certificate to BlingLash 5. Learn how to tango. I'd come home from work at 10 p. Canal House Cooks Every Day 2. Do you think that what you wear is in some form linked to what you eat?

When I travel, I mostly stick to classic pieces and throw in a few key pieces that match my destination ex. Sex and the City is a huge influence. I started blogging when I was sixteen and found myself keeping a blog for different phases in my life—but they've always been in private blogging communities.

Even men were relating! Tumblr stuff has its own recognition, its own significance, and its own charm. I learned justin bieber and kendall jenner flirting text a friend that, even when you figure out the love part, finding your place in the world is still a solo journey.

These backgrounds will give a whole new look to your profile. You can customize your twitter profile by adding different themes and different backgrounds.

It's a manifesto for being who you are—by embracing every single moment.

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A trip to St. I am grateful to my long-time readers who have made me feel like the journey is a little less lonely. Another was a mother of four whose singlegirldinner moment was actually lunch. A pair of classic black and beige Chanel ballerina flats 4.

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I feel like a lot of websites come out of the gate trying to capitalize on something or be "the next [insert success story here]" and that feels very commercial and generic. You will fall prey to the posts on tumblr and would love to visit it most often.

Once you start using tumblr, you get addicted to it. Food is such a big component of my life especially the creative, satisfying sortand I appreciate how Jessica portrays her own lifestyle, gastronomically and beyond! After ending a nearly six year relationship, I was newly single in and found myself eating things like multiple bowls of cereal for dinner at 10 p.

If you want the film today, you can see that her wardrobe is still relevant.


And so, singlegirldinner expanded beyond what I was eating and delved more into my state of being. It's a keepsake of special moments. People started sending me pics of their singlegirldinner, so I started a Tumblr account to feature them.

She definitely adds a new flavor to the run-of-the-mill fashion blog with her multi-layered posts.

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What began as a recording of what I ate when no one was around came to represent a cherished moment; the moment we have to ourselves. It's more like, Let's add some Sex and the City, a little bit of Nigella Lawson, a dash of Parker Posey, a sprinkle of je ne sais quois Her hair is always tousled, and her skin is nice and dewey.

In this way you can make your profile look the way you want and represent you, your taste in a better way. An off-the-shoulder printed ruffled cotton top for Mexico; a Valentino-designed Wolford bodysuit to pair with a pencil skirt for a sophisticated dinner in Paris.

What do you think: I was always fascinated with Carrie Bradshaw's "secret single behavior," which is eating a stack of saltines with grape jelly at the kitchen counter while reading Vogue.

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I think that's why it took me a year to start the blog. She features really simple recipes from a bunch of different sources.

Give my parents a vacation getaway. Then, it evolved to become a symbol of independence. Use them in your twitter profile and also share with friends.

Shake it all up and see what happens. Bart's to escape from New York's winter. Sous Style is another great blog that feels like a solid magazine.

Its logo contains its name and the colors in the logo are white and blue.


What happens for me in that moment sometimes feels completely outside of time: I have this thing where I never want to look like my personal style was in any way based on something in US Weekly. There's something very reassuring in letting something develop organically, to a certain point.

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My mom was probably the original SGD muse, which I wrote about here. I'm not the type of person to buy a fancy camera just to snap pics of food—I think I do just fine with my iPhone, with the help of Instagram hehe.

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It began as the Twitter account singlegirldin in September