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Oh, Skylanders, what have you done to my hero? Extra Roll Move Run up the side of a hill or a trunk and let yourself fall down.

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Spyro the Dragon on PlayStation

In earlier versions of the game, skill points obtained via the skating minigames aren't awarded until after the timer is up, whereas in later versions of the game it is awarded the moment the player obtains a score beating the course record.

The rolling enemy will take out the pole. Also, each defeated bad guy yields a gem and end bosses hold several gems.

This island was originally intended to house the Super Bonus Round portal before it was moved. Whilst this is a common practice frequently employed in platformers and adventure games, Year of the Dragon is notable for level themes differing depending not merely on the build of the game, but on its region, multiple pieces of music remaining exclusive to NTSC builds of the game and not occurring at all in PAL versions.

You won't regret the small amount of space it takes up.

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Each world consists of a home or hub area, three regular levels, one flight level and one boss level. You will rescue his fellow dragons, recover the stolen treasure, and defeat the Gnasty Gnorc. Most notably, these strings are present and used in the earliest demo of the game.

If you get too close to the structure, it will un-draw itself from the level geometry, as if you are far away from it.

Fireworks Factory Cave In the level 'Fireworks Factory', there is a hidden cave with a life inside of it that cannot be reached through normal means. In the Greatest Hits version, they use a different theme not heard anywhere else in the game; an uncut version of the main theme used in the demos.

Here is a brief list of the differences.

Spyro the Dragon

The shell can be seen to the left of Spyro. The original version was rushed in order for the game to be released before the Year of the Dragon the year in this case ended. Byrd seen with his early texture? Run Faster cheat Hold down the run button then press the jump button keep the run button down and spyro will run faster.

Spyro the Dragon

But he forgot about one little dragon: This was fixed in the Greatest Hits. Using the dialogue cheat in Sunny Villa reveals two dialogue strings which would have been said by Hunter.

This may be due to the fact that in unfinished versions of the game, you have to both beat the record and not fall off your board to obtain the skill point, so it makes sense that they would require the player to last the full 2 minutes before awarding the point.

Unused power-up 2 unused variations of the bullets Bentley provides you with in the Scorch's Pit boss level can be triggered if one hacks the game.

Spyro The Dragon [PSX – Beta]

This texture is actually seen in-game, namely in the "Bianca Strikes Back" cutscene, where Sgt. It is the first game in the Spyro platform game series and also one of the best starring the main character Spyro, whom is a young purple dragon, and Sparx, who is a yellow dragonfly and also Spyro's constant companion.

The language in the European version changes randomly Once executed, the player must swim to a wall past a red building and go behind it, and there will be a portal that is hidden and regularly inaccessible.

Unfortunately, the artist who made all the changes as per the programmer's and designer's request failed to remove the old island way off in the distance. None of these changes are present in the 'Platinum' release, the European equivalent of Greatest Hits, except for the 'Spike is Born' cutscene being present and the speedway bug being fixed.

Spyro The Dragon [PSX – Beta]

The game had some noticeable changes between the original version NTSC 1. In the original, it erroneously plays the theme of Sunrise Spring. Gather information on other builds of the game, particularly the original US Version 1. All of the speedways except the Harbor Speedway use different music tracks in the Greatest Hits version.

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Byrd's theme however, probably because Sgt. Enchanted Towers Room The lower-poly version of the level, showing the room and it's entrance. In the original releases of the game, Sgt. It only shows up when the level is in it's lowest polygon count.