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Sustantivos contables e incontables en ingles yahoo dating, tendencias de yahoo

Los problemas son ¿contables o incontables?

How much money do you have? Not are there petrol in the tank? Yes, there is - Si hay Are there any apples? How much and How Many are used for general questions about things when we want to tell us the amounts to, then how much and How Many are accompanied by is there or are there.


Mary tiene muchos amigos Shane has a few cars. There are three blocks. If we ask about the amount of a count noun, we use the structure: Yes, there is - If there Are there Any apples? Hay un litro, una botella, etc. You know, for example, rice, water, petrol these are uncountable nouns.

I am afraid not. How many students are there? We are here to help. Much mucho y little poco se utilizan con sustantivos o elementos no contables: Is the water cold enough?

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There are three apples. Is there petrol in the tank. Si queremos preguntar acerca de la cantidad de un sustantivo contable, usamos la estructura: There is an apple. We don't say petrols.

Shane tienes unos cuantos coches A lot oflots ofplenty of ,utilizan con sustantivos no contables y plurales: Countable and uncountable nouns sustantivos contables e incontables Los sustantivos contables son aquellos que se pueden contar one car, two bees y los incontables o no contables necesitan un modificador o un cuantificador para expresar cantidad a glass of water.

How many animals are there in the circus? Uncountable nouns do not have a plural form.

Cómo contar las cosas incontables

Countable and uncountable In English when we ask about the amount of an uncountable noun, we use the structure: Two loaves of bread. The responses can be used as a non-specific partitive; a lot a lot a little a littlenone nonesome something. So it's is the rice hot enough?

Hay una barra de pan.

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En las respuestas se usa: How much milk is there in the bottle? One of our listeners and viewers has asked me to explain the difference between is and are and which do you use when you're using uncountable nouns.

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We dont see each other often but we always find a little time to talk. As we've done in previous videos we explained that uncountable nouns are those that cannot be counted. Mary has many friends.

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How many friends do you have? How much water is there?

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But our English Lessons via Skype with native British teachers will definitely help you improve your English skills. No tenemos mucho tiempo I have very little time.

Tengo muy poco tiempo Many muchos y few pocos se utilizan con sustantivos o elementos plurales: We have little time to get to the airport. They have some apples in the freezer.