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His jokes were so bad that one Comedy Central exec suggested that most of his act might be cut from the final broadcast of the roast, which airs March Yet Interracial dating quotes funny the moron?

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Why bring up shit like that? There's a bold line between racist jokes and ignorant, hurtful jokes.

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There were indigenous tribes scattered around the Americas who spoke many different languages North American tribes alone spoke more languages than all of Europe.

Yea you said "I'm not saying deaf jokes are cool" but your still trying to justify it. Some black people may come from the Caribbean islands, but they are still African-Americans.

Don't forget, your the one that started this whole argument by saying: Response to The Situation 'roasts' Trump MacFarlane joked that "the Sitch" and Snooki made a good couple because "Italians are known for grinding organs with monkeys.

I stood in the pocket where a lot of people would crumble, a lot of people would walk off stage, but I stood in there. Am I moron because I don't have the same beliefs as you?

I'm not trying to justify his joke, nor have I written a page long story to do so. Before long, the audience began to boo so loudly that comedian Jeffrey Ross, who's been at this so long he's known as the choice dating show the situation roast Roastmaster General, had to interject into the act to try to save the Situation, who'd already claimed he shared one quality with Ross: I'm just justifying my views about his joke and this topic.

I was just wearin' them 'cause Snoop said to wear 'em. The British, Spanish, French, Dutch etc.

The Situation 'roasts' Trump

Not to mention how does their ancestors being slaves give them the right to disrespect white people? Asked about the Situation's performance, he said, "I thought he was great. It's true we weren't the first to enslave Africans, but we were the ones who brought them here to the Americas.

I'm tired of arguing with morons, I got better things to do. Even better is I find it funny your trying to say it's not ok to make fun of slavery, yet above you try to defend the joke about deaf people.

Stop trying to justify that with page long stories. Snoop did not appear amused. Okay then, I'll use the term black. He came from a great distance to be here.

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Also for being so sensitive, you sure like to try and be a hurtful fella. Why does that give us the right to make fun of people we mistreated, killed and raped? God, I've put way too much effort into this.

Oh no, a world where people aren't exactly like you, how could this be! Backstage after the show, he was even more gracious -- or maybe it was just ego.

Maybe this will simplify things. What about the jokes about white people, where is the line drawn for that?

The Situation 'roasts' Trump

Use African if you want to, I would prefer living in an equal world where people aren't given "special titles" to separate themselves from others, such as "African-American".

By the way, you still haven't explained to me how I'm a "white bred conservative cunt", probably because you have no grounds for this accusation because your, as you said, a moron.

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Before the Europeans colonized America, there were no black people. And he did it just for me. Who's the guy who can't accept other people's opinion without having to resort to name calling?

You started this whole shindig, just because you didn't like my opinion and decided to "slander" me. Still, the crowd must have been glad that the Situation showed up, because he provided plenty of amusement for the other roasters.

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How do they cross the line? Again, I had nothing to do with this, nor are the people who have done what you wrote above the only people to do something of that nature.

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Haiti has a huge history of slavery, it was the capital of the Atlantic Slave Trade.