What's your opinion on a thigh gap/the gap? - GirlsAskGuys What's your opinion on a thigh gap/the gap? - GirlsAskGuys

Thigh gap guys opinion on dating, most helpful girl

SarahH I loved the article! So if you are embarrassed by your feminine high voice, be proud and let them hear it because guys find your voice way hotter than a thigh gap.

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In fact, I get compliments all the time. I would kill for your weight. Guys are attracted to luscious looking lips. By the way skinny jeans look better on curvy girls.

Noone is meant to be overweight, fat or obese.

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Some women are naturally thin. Women have been told that a thigh gap is something to get because guys find it extremely sexy. Take care of what you do have and shake what ya momma gave ya! My heart skips a beat when I see an average woman with a pear shaped body.

What's guys opinion on thigh gaps?

Actually, not skinny at all! Why is there a discrimination is this world? Take your thigh gap and shove it.

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There is believe it or not muscle there in all of us. Am I going to hold that against them? Know that beauty and looking hot come from more than one aspect of who you are!

What are your opinions on the body trend ‘Thigh Gap’?

Keep your ego at bay and simply be sure in yourself and know that if a guy has any brains at all, your confidence will be one of the most attractive things he sees in you! It is assumed that it has a femininity to it that is attractive. There are so many other parts of your personality, the female body, and the accessories that are worn that are sexier than a simple gap between your legs.

Throw on a pair of sexy black stilettos and you can let your worries fade away.

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Using them for things like walking posing for selfies doesn't count keeps them toned and stops the muscles from atrophying away to nothing. Or having chicken legs? Athena Yes, I do see people refuting that.

Envy of all those scrawny chicken-legged guys who cry over their no-muscle matchstick legs sorry!

Reasons Why Guys Find Thigh Gaps So Attractive

For guys, knowing you are taking the time to lotion up, take care of your skin and keep it soft is that much more attractive! Ask yourself why you are offended that other people might want a thigh gap. How do you get rid of it? All girls are entitled to feel beautiful the way they are!

Wearing red is something that guys find way hotter than a thigh gap.

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But after I read the comments, it made me feel isolated, freak, and anything not normal. Advertising [x] 15 Confidence via: Something about the look of clean, moisturized skin is appealing to men, as it should be! Check out these 15 things that guys find way hotter than a thigh gap and let your worries fade away.

I also dont think a woman must be thin to pull of a certain style.

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Life is too short. Imagine a fat girl trying to squeeze into skinny jeans. Some girls just are built to be more filled, while some girls have a slender figure. We see models draped on the arms of too many actors, singers and businessmen to count. The color red draws the eye in and creates feelings of desire and attraction.

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