How to Hook Up a Trailer How to Hook Up a Trailer

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If your trailer is lightweight, push it to the vehicle rather than trying to back the vehicle up to the trailer.

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Engage the lock on the 5th wheel handle. Your helper should stand off to the side and give you signals of which direction to go.

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In the next chapter, we will talk about what practices to follow while towing a trailer, how to properly load cargo and how to handle certain driving situations with a trailer in tow. Backing Your Vehicle Up to the Trailer The next step is to safely and accurately back up your vehicle to the trailer.

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Although it is harder to back up a trailer on your own, it is not impossible. Place your hitch into the coupling position.

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Have your helper stand on the driver's side of the trailer, about even with the trailer tongue, and make sure you can see him or her clearly before backing up. Check all lights — brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights, etc.

Press the trailer-side plug firmly into the vehicle-side socket. You should limit the amount of excess wire between the vehicle and trailer by wrapping the wires around the trailer tongue. Measure the height of your coupler and open tailgate. To avoid this from happening, be sure to feel the bottom of the tow ball and make sure the clamp is properly gripped on it.

Only allow the vehicle to move forward a few inches, just enough to test the connection.

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When the coupler is secure, fully retract the trailer jack. If the coupler is properly lined up trailer hitch hook up illustrations will be easy to clamp down.

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This will determine how high your 5th wheel hitch will need to sit in your truck bed. Have your helper call out each lighting function as he or she sees it. Backing Up Your Vehicle Step 1: Raise or lower the trailer jacks.

As discussed in previous chapters, it is important to outfit your vehicle with the right trailer hitchball mounttrailer ball and electrical components.

You can also start with your truck and trailer lined up in a straight line to make the process easier. The socket may be located somewhere near the bumper or in the truck bed. Remember to have your coupler raised above the trailer ball to avoid damage. On CURT 5th wheels, this is a safety pin in the handle.

Use this jack to drop the coupler onto the tow ball. Do not count on your sight alone to make sure the coupler is mounted correctly This is the cause of many breakaway accidents. Use a backup camera.

Hooking Up Trailer

Take a moment to go over the following items to help ensure a safe, successful trip. How to Hook Up a 5th Wheel Trailer Hooking up a 5th wheel trailer requires a few additional steps, compared to a bumper pull trailer.

Avoid using confusing signals such as which direction to turn the steering wheel. Place a piece of tape on the center of your rear window to indicate the location of the trailer ball.

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We will also go over the procedures for hooking up a 5th wheel trailer and a brief checklist of things to do before towing any trailer. Connect safety chains from tab s on hitch to the trailer. Coupling the 5th Wheel Trailer Step 3: Test your trailer lights and other lighting functions to make sure they are working correctly.

Back your truck up to the 5th wheel kingpin. Line up your vehicle in a straight line with your trailer. Latch the coupler and secure it. For more information on brake controls and trailer brakes, go to chapter 8.

How To Remove Trailer Hitch Ball From Coupler, Not Hooked Up.

If it is raised too much, lower it until it is only a couple inches higher than the ball. If you find that the coupler is offset from the ball, raise the jack again and repeat the previous step.

Also, do not forget to close the truck tailgate, remove the wheel chocks and fully retract the trailer jacks before towing. The difference is how high your 5th wheel hitch should be set. Also, the spotter should always be in clear view of your side view mirror.

Subtract the tailgate height from that of the coupler. If your vehicle moves forward without your trailer, go back and start again from step 2. Do a safety check before towing. Checking Your Work Step 8: How to Hook Up Your Trailer The first step when hitching up your trailer is to back your vehicle up to the trailer.

With the coupler latch engaged and locked, lift up on the trailer tongue to test the connection. You will need someone who can clearly communicate, verbally and through sign language if the engine is loud.