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He wanted to be totally sure on the age of the universe and number of pieces the number of observable atoms in the universe as he thought "The fans would never forgive us, if we did not have the accurate number of plastic molecules in our Philip K.

Bart has the idea to reshape the school into a better fun place and does so while Willie sleeps. Homer allows Lisa to see the Survival Games movie, telling her he can't stop her from growing up.

Soon after, Homer and Marge sit behind Lisa and her friends at The Survival Games, with Homer complaining about the movie while Marge enjoys it and repeatedly shushes him. Homer tells Marge about his vision.

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When Lisa starts to compare his dream to the plot of The Lego MovieHomer quotes "No, this is a new plot" as life-sized constructs of the movie's characters Emmet and Wyldstyle are carted in the background.

And because we'll likely bring younger viewers to The Simpsons, it was an opportunity for them to be more family-friendly. Homer continues to see himself and other Lego Springfieldians as ordinary people, which culminates with his hands turning into flesh while attending church for all to see.

For us, it was all about sending a love letter. Homer walks by the Kwik-E-Mart and sees his cartoon reflection in the window and scolds at it.

Going to the Android's Dungeon for answers, Homer touches the toy box again and has another vision of his cartoon self building a Lego model of Springfield with Lisa for a Lego construct contest, elated that he has found a common interest with her.

Brick Like Me

The skunk gets in behind the walls. While visiting the Lego Comic Book Guy 's store to pick up a toy set for Lisa 's birthday, Homer has a vision upon touching the box where he sees his normal cartoon self giving the gift to Lisa and helping her build it, which disturbs Lego Homer.

Production[ edit ] On February 16, it was revealed that the episode would air on May 4, and serve as the show's th episode.

Maybe that isn't the case so much anymore, but there is still the capacity for top-notch television floating somewhere in The Simpsons universe.

After rebuilding eleven more Springfield Elementary Schools out of Lego bricks as his punishment, Bart vows never to build what he wants again, Principal Skinner tells him he's learnt his lesson and he has got five more Springfield Elementary school Lego kits for his birthday and Bart is forced to rebuild an extra five schools, much to his disappointment.

There needed to be a real emotional story there. Nobody at Lego told us about it until after the point of no return. At church, Reverend Lovejoy talks about the creation of the world by the creator. His hands turn cartoon.

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She tells Homer that it was a dream. Everything fit and no one got hurt. When Homer touches the box he has a flash of himself, as his normal cartoon self, giving the gift to Lisa and helping her build it, finding he likes building things of LEGO. When Lisa starts to compare his dream to the plot of The Lego Movie, Homer quotes "No, this is a new plot" as life-sized constructs of the movie's characters Emmet and Wyldstyle are carted in the background.

He snaps out of it, freaking out and runs out of the store. Moe, Lennyand Carl turn cartoon and back again. The robot breaks down and falls on the Comic Book store. Production[ edit ] In an Aprilinterview with TV Guideexecutive producer Matt Selman spoke about how long it took to produce the episode, saying: He tells Lisa to go to the movie knowing he can't stop her from growing up.

In the rubble, Homer finds the box, opens it and changes back to his normal cartoon self, kisses Marge goodbye and jumps in the box.

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That's all gone now. A short construction scene was also left out as Emmet from The Lego Movie was a construction worker and there was a large construction scene in the movie.

Lisa plans to go to the movie instead of the contest. After being told by Lego Comic Book Guy that their world is a fantasy where Homer can live out his desire to spend time with Lisa forever, Homer accepts the false reality.

Homer enters and embarrasses her. On a show like The Simpsons, as long as it's been running and with so many jokes packed per animated cell, we forgive a lot of misfired jokes. On top of that, every character we used had to be built from a 3-D model, which took a lot of time and money.

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It's clever and visually impressive and, most importantly, quite humorous. Jesse Schedeen of IGN gave it a 8. Later, after Homer builds the Duff Brewery, Lisa is gone from the basement and she is in her room with some girls talking about going to the new Survival Games movie.

Although Lego Marge tells him it was just a dream, Homer begins to have hallucinations of being flesh-based everywhere he goes. Brick Like Me premiered on May 4, However, Lisa instead decides to go see the new Survival Games movie a spoof of The Hunger Games with older girls, forcing Homer to enter the contest by himself.

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Principal Skinner tells Bart to rebuild the school. But, at its core, the Lego brand is all about creativity and imagination. It will be considered a classic, yeah. Also, a few scenes were edited out.

Comic Book Guy becomes furious and he is now the villain. But visually, "Brick Like Me" was a stunner, rebuilding Springfield in bright, brick-by-brick 3D, and that's what the episode will forever be known for.

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Many fans praised the episode, with some naming it, "the strongest episode of Season 25", "one of the 'HD era's best" and even "the best episode in the last 10 years. Let the guys at South Park do their own Lego episode and go nuts.

As Homer wishes he could live in the Lego Springfield he created with her, where "everything fits together and no one gets hurt", Comic Book Guy's giant Lego construct of Kendah Wildwill a parody of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games falls on Homer, knocking him unconscious.