Matt Bellassai brings his whining to Boston | Metro US Matt Bellassai brings his whining to Boston | Metro US

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What went into the decision to choose Facebook over YouTube? I go on pure cycles of caffeine and alcohol. How much prep goes into your videos?

It happened overnight, so I woke up and saw it. Yeah, I love it in Chicago.

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I would always cry during that show. Jeremy Briggs, a Buzzfeed staffer, began shooting Bellassai and then then would edit videos for Facebook. I do think good comedy takes good observations and good reporting. Then I think my humor is a little darker, like Louis C.

So I drank a full bottle of wine at 1 p. This was my Monday routine.

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I wrote a lot of it beforehand, I crowdsourced with everybody at work to get ideas. When I was at BuzzFeed I started writing a lot about One Direction, in part because I thought it was funny that I was this grown man who loved a interracial dating approval band.

He had to invest in everything himself too, purchasing his own equipment, lights and the IKEA chair he sits in in every video. I decided to go with the latter and take the risk and start investing in myself in the long term.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

I have my tips for being a functioning alcoholic. A lot of the job was seeing how people respond to things and then reacting for the next week. But he was supposed to be there.

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I got there and she threw my project across the room. Do you go out? I also love that Oprah is really into gardening. So I started this campaign to get Harry Styles to follow me on Twitter. I never drove a car. I was always terrified of posting anything in college. And not only have the freedom to do it, but then to own all of that.

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The popular Facebook page, which featured Bellassai drinking wine and complaining about various topics on camera, had racked up 1. I had this professor at Northwestern in the journalism school.

Matt Bellassai

Who do you turn to for feedback? Knowing the behind-the-camera work made me more comfortable in front of the camera. In general, BuzzFeed is a place where you experiment a lot and then you read comments and you look at the data on how well something performed.

I also edited all of the videos. Just like at other red carpet events, photographers yelled out to Hudson, Black, and celebrities as they walked by, beckoning them to pose for the flashing lights. What advice do you have for people trying to start their own personal brand online?

You learn it by going out and writing.

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He also had to become his own boss and juggle several projects at once. That man is like years old. Then I had to get an ice cream cake. I was at BuzzFeed for three and a half years. Whatever is immediately in front of you is what you react to. I also love Second City-Chicago people.

When your videos get about 1 million views, what is your relationship like with Facebook?

Matt Bellassai Lives Out His Fantasy and Finally Meets Harry Styles

Or maybe that was just me. It was always intimidating to me so I never wanted to write or post anything. Every little bit has been a learning experience.

My routine was always to chug a full glass of water. I turned it in and the next day I had a conference with her.

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It was my senior year and I had completely given up. It was there he found his comedic voice in first-person articles, including one that entailed doing a donut crawl across the city 12 donut shops in one morning.

After the interview with Mashable, Bellassai even had dinner plans with his fellow Buzzfeed video star Ashly Perez. I spend 24 hours a day there sometimes. For a little while I wanted to study biology and be a doctor. Or was I just really drunk when I wrote it? He got offered the gig, moved to the Big Apple his first time in the city and began working on the editorial team.

In part, it was me being able to control what face I was making, but I also got more comfortable seeing myself on camera. I have no idea.

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I went to my doctor in New York — not because there was anything wrong — but I feel like someone should tell me this is a bad idea. Making that transition was not as scary as it might have been if I came into this two years ago. For me, because I got wasted at 1 p.

If you could have any other career, what would it be?

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I very quickly learned how to get my shit together after drinking. I was just a person on the Internet. Once they started gaining buzz online, Buzzfeed Motion Pictures got involved.

Where do you see yourself if ten years? Being a doctor is not just putting a Band-Aid on someone. The good thing is having people you know you can trust for feedback.

You have to have your people that you know are going to give you honest feedback. That idea turned into a video series, but one separate from the content created by Hollywood-based Buzzfeed Motion Pictures.