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We're going to need help in all those areas. When he comes back, it's a chance we'll have to take. Sensor report, Mister Kyle.

By Percy Bysshe Shelley

Palamas to reject Apollo, which she reluctantly does, the captain uses the U. He disappeared again like the cat in that Russian story. Well, let's assume that five thousand years ago creatures like our friend Apollo did indeed visit Earth and form the basis of the Greek classic myths.

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But without the slavering adoration of millions of subjects, they disappeared into the wind. It was an empty place without worshippers, but we had no strength to leave, so we waited, all of us, through the long years.

So shall you all.

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Very good, Mister Chekov. Like Marla McGivers before her, Lt. Plot[ edit ] A huge energy field in the shape of a glowing green hand appears and grabs the Enterprise, halting its movement.

The Final Frontier, where Kirk is unwilling to worship an entity calling itself God. Just let me give this to Mister Spock.

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That might very well mean something. We see them at a romantic pond, and Apollo lavishes compliments on the young woman: Man thinks he's progressed.

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You've got a tricorder. In the novelization of the episode, but cut from the final shooting script, Carolyn Palamas is pregnant with Apollo's child, whom she names Athena.

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Apollo, twin brother of Artemis, son of the god Zeus and Leto, a mortal. I can't seem to pinpoint it. Kirk remarks with some regret that Apollo and his fellow gods had once been a major inspiration for mankind, driving civilisation to new heights in art and philosophy.

In it, Michael Forest reprised his role as an elderly Apollo who asks the Enterprise crew for help.

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Weakened, he turns to the sky, growing gigantic again, and pronouncing sadness that there is no room left in the universe for gods. There is an order of things in this universe.

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Carolyn is devastated, and Kirk shows some remorse, remarking on the debt owed by human civilization to Apollo and his kind. Aphrodite sprinkled his blood to create sea anemones and the color of the silt at the bottom of the river that flows from Mt.

Who Mourns for Adonais?

You are returning home. The humanoid identifies himself as the god Apollo. No chance at all of power originating in those areas. If you value your safety, release this ship. We shall not debate, mortal.

This is Captain James T. He wants us to live in peace.

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May I ask what you offer in exchange for this worship? Preliminary reports, Mister Spock. Michael Forest, who plays Apollo, was apparently very unhappy with his costume and you can see him in the second season blooper real strutting about effeminately to show his displeasure.

How old are you? My orders and my duty.

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She stood in front of the temple and spread herself upon the wind, thinner and thinner, until only the wind remained. Even five thousand years ago, the gods took mortals to them to love, to care for, like Zeus took Leto, my mother.

With that in mind, he wonders "would it have hurt us so much to light a fire, and gather just a few laurel leaves?

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Mister Chekov, I think you'd better continue your investigation. Was this review helpful to you? Warp 2 on a scale of Eugene Myers: