Instagram'da Sp4zie: “ CG PARTY! from left: Jimster, Zinck, Spuz, Acclamator, Yanipir, Ino ❤️😎❤️” Instagram'da Sp4zie: “ CG PARTY! from left: Jimster, Zinck, Spuz, Acclamator, Yanipir, Ino ❤️😎❤️”

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We spent a lot of time just hanging around, we didn't go much sightseeing, but that was one of the best trips Ive been to, to be honest.


Only passing through Bratislava. He wanted to keep her away from us, but after a while, she got to introduce herself. So it didnt take long to make the stream work. No no no, do that!

♥ BARD MID Stream Derp Yanipir -

I do enjoy that beer. Now that you mention League events, which one did you like the most so far? Alright, thanks again for your time and have a nice day. That was a year and half ago, I think On Yani's end it was other stuff, but on mine as well, because streaming - it was not something we knew a lot about at the start.

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Do you remember that I walked up to that guy, trying to ask him, when he is going to finish playing? But this was years ago, probably five years ago, so thats when we first met eachother.

It is a really long and boring story. Thats the best thing. There are differences but it all works. To see how much influence we've had, to see the people get together, get to know each other, be huge part of sms code for tinder hookup other's life.

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And what about you Yani? It can actually help you, because you can count on the other person. It's a combination of two names - Acclamator and Yanipir. If you want to check out more of Acclamator and Yani you can follow them on twitter AcclamatorYanipir.

It's something bigger than us, bigger than me and Yani and stream itself, even than the game Acclamator's twitterYanipir's twitter Acclamator: Big thanks to our friend Najt for making this Interview possible.

Like have you ever said to yourself "Swede would never done that" or "Serb would do this differently"? That was a long time ago, right?

If you set it like this, because I love boats, and space ship is practically a boat then yes laughsbut not really no. I dont know where I got that idea. It might be Slovak, I don't know.

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Like for example Acclamator's love for boats? I can imagine it could be a bit scary. As A Czech I must ask, have you tried Czech beer? I can imagine duo-streaming could be difficult sometimes. Yea, duo-streaming itself is not a problem at all.

Acclamator on Coub

What is the story behind your name? I was just about to start talking about my big shiny boat, but nah You may know them not only from their own stream and youtube videos, but also from Sp4zie's videos and stream - they are all part of group of gamers and friends called CG Compact Gaming.

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Kozel is Czech, yea. We just wanted to have fun streaming but then in turned into a scheduled streams.

Ani největší LoL turnaje nedosahují na prizepool The International

And a lot of twitter followers. It is a learning in progress. When have you first met?

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To be honest, these trips are so great mostly because of the other CGs, it doesn't matter, which city we're meeting at. We, intentionally or not, have created serious long-lasting friendships, between our viewers or subs.

Do you want us to add something special to the introduction of you two? I would put it at the point, that it's all about the community. I think so too.

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Me and Yani both streamed alone, so I figured, why don't we try something new. And thats how we first met and then it was years and years of playing together.

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Does your love for boats have got something to do with your name? I asked him "How long are you going to play? So why did you name yourself Acclamator then? He didn't understand me and I was too shy to ask him again. I understand, it was because of the CG, but I wonder how long have you two known each other?

[Interview] YACC - CG Acclamator and CG Yanipir

So yes, mostly technical issues, but apart from that, I don't see any problems in duo-streaming. Because Acclamator is a spaceship from Star Wars.

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If something happens, your partner can take over, so that's a big plus actually. Well, it is understandable since LoL community can be quite diffcult sometimes. That trip was amazing!